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Figure 1-4 Line-of-sight versus diffuse configurations for infrared links
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a e n This switch displays all connections and listening ports. This switch displays Ethernet statistics. You can also use this switch with the s switch. This switch displays addresses and ports in numerical form. This option can make Netstat data more difficult to read, but is useful if you need numerical data. This switch displays the numeric process ID associated with each IP connection. This allows you to determine which program is maintaining the IP connections established by (or to) your computer. For more information on this option, see Using Netstat to Observe IP Connections, page 584. This option allows you to specify which protocol statistics you want to see. For example, netstat p udp only displays UDP connections. This switch displays connection statistics classified by protocol.
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This is very similar to the previous listing, except that in this case, the Atom feed contains additional elements (in a custom namespace) that hold details on the item type, grade, price, location, and description. Notice that, if the supplied resource ID cannot be matched to a record in the database, the feed creation process is skipped and the client is directly sent a 404 (page not found) error. This is an example of how REST architecture cleverly leverages existing standards in this case, HTTP server error codes to provide information on the status of a request.
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It builds interoperable networks.
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Metabolism by the Tubules
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wise compared with public carriers offering similar capabilities," Winn Stephenson said. One other challenge involved working with the FCC during the early implementation of DADS to ensure regulatory compliance of our system, since there were no rules and regulations governing mobile data over public airwaves at that time."
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Many companies support XML. However, the support of these three major corporations indicates the importance of this new technology. All three companies offer many free XML tools over the Web, as described in other chapters. Clearly each company has efforts to support its business model. IBM intends to encourage interoperability with its larger computers. Oracle wants to ensure that its databases are compatible with future development. Microsoft does not want to be caught off guard as it was with the Web, and it would like to nudge the XML evolution toward standards that benefit Microsoft products. IBM supports XML by developing a significant offering of XML technology that is available for platforms including AIX, Windows NT, OS/390, HP-UX, and Solaris. Oracle has developed XML components to facilitate the smooth exchange of data between XML documents and Oracle databases. These components include XML parsers that also support XSL, DOM, and SAX for XML interfaces. XML is a natural match for Oracle relational databases, which include a good data dictionary and referential integrity, facilitating the extraction of data into an XML document. Microsoft is spending big bucks to make people aware of XML and to lay the framework for XML development over the next six to eight months. One of the interesting developments is in data mining. The Microsoft research team is working on a set of standards to leverage existing products such as the SQL Server database. If these standards were integrated into SQL Server as an XML-based data-mining engine, then Microsoft might corner the document management market on a platform-independent, system-independent, and application-independent content management system. Microsoft is developing a new architecture called DNA 2000, which uses XML to enable a complete transaction server package. In addition, Microsoft plans that the next generation of Windows platforms will be strongly based on XML technology, will be customizable, and will interoperate better with non-Windows platforms.
Figure 4-1. Industry concentration rate in the Scale Stage
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Part 2:
R-sq(adj) = 72.8%
IP Addressing
4. Similarly, add this code following the message box code in PostDelayMessage:
Watch Out for Wells and Puddles
The first line specifies the version of XML that s used to create the XML document. Below this line are statements that declare elements that are used in the XML document. An element is a markup tag. There are three parts to an element declaration. First is !ELEMENT, which says that the declaration follows. Second is the element name as it appears in the XML document. Third is the type of element it is, which is either a group of elements or a Parsed Character Data (PCDATA) element. PCDATA elements cannot contain other elements. Another allowable type is Character Data (CDATA). The first element that s declared is books. This is a group of elements, so you must list the names of the elements that are members of the group, which is book. The element name book is followed by an asterisk, which means there are zero to many book elements under books. The other allowable qualifiers are + Zero or one of these (also referred to as a optional tag) One to many
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