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14: Understanding Resource Sharing and NTFS Security
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Key WLAN Projects: The Foundation of OPS
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RSS is a method that uses XML to distribute a document published on a web site to other web sites, similar to how an article in your local newspaper is picked up by the news wire services and distributed to other media outlets. Dave Winer came up with this idea back in 1997. Netscape adopted RSS two years later, which made their version of RSS the de facto standard. Winer updated RSS in 2003 after Netscape discontinued RSS development. Today there are several companies ( and that offer a free aggregation service using RSS. The aggregator, similar to a news wire service, gathers documents from a variety of web sites and makes them available for publication by other web sites. Here s how RSS works. First you format your document using RSS-defined XML tags and then post the document on your web site. Next, you register with an aggregator. Each day the aggregator polls registered web sites for RSS documents. When polling a registered web site, the aggregator verifies the link and then displays information about the feed so clients can sort through topics and link to documents that interest them. RSS XML tags contain values that identify the document and parts of the document, which helps the client determine which parts to display on their web site. For example, you might display a book review on your web site. The RSS XML tags enable you to identify the topic of your review and to identify its parts, such as the headline, subheadline, synopsis, and full review. The client who wants to publish your review can decide to display only the headline; the headline and the synopsis; the headline, the subheadline, and the synopsis; or the complete review. The client links to your document rather than storing your document on its own web server.
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public class winapp extends java.applet.Applet{
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Permissions for individual files are assigned in the same way as folders. There are, however, some special considerations:
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mentioned in 4 or they may be structured content repositories. These structured repositories may be existing enterprise applications or they may be new middleware applications. In either case, these applications are likely to have similar unstructured content needs:
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The Endgames Vision of 2010
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Element root = d.getRoot();
workflowRuntime.WorkflowSuspended += new EventHandler<WorkflowSuspendedEventArgs>(workflowSuspended);
Fisheries in many countries remain unregulated and inadequately studied. Even where research has been done, political and economic pressures override scientists recommendations. In fact, most fisheries, close to coasts impacted by human activities, have been overfished. This is a major problem with ocean fisheries worldwide. Since over 15% of all animal protein for humans comes from seafood, the fishing industry always has a market for its catch. To meet this demand, technology has been used to increase yield. Unfortunately, too many boats using efficient technology have impacted three-quarters of the world s edible ocean fish, crustaceans, and mollusks according to United Nations estimates. Conservation must be observed by all seafaring countries to have any hope of sustaining declining fish populations.
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Harcourt General Inc
As an example of how needs" push technology," the Pony Express solved the problem of communicating faster by organizing the existing technology into a cohesive delivery system leveraged on the true grit of riders and their horses. Obviously a marked improvement over other techniques, the Pony Express sparked the application of what else could I do if I could communicate faster " This completed one cycle by having technology" push applications. Further spins of need"
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