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When SSD is shared, the AC gives the serving system the current SSD and COUNT values for the MS in question. The serving system is not autonomously able to initiate a change in the MS s SSD this is strictly an AC-controlled function (see SSD Update ). However, the serving system may based on its internal authentication algorithms order the MS to increment its COUNT value without informing the AC (see Call History Count Update ). Therefore, the final aspect of SSD sharing that has to be managed between the AC and serving system is COUNT retrieval how the AC gets the (potentially revised) COUNT information (1) from the serving system when the AC turns off SSD sharing and (2) from the previous serving system when the MS moves to a new serving system. Four general scenarios are handled: 1. COUNT retrieval when the AC turns off SSD sharing was described in the previous section. 2. The MS moves from one authentication-capable system to another authentication-capable system (see Figure 11.5). In this case, the initial ANSI-41 message sent from the new serving system to the home system is normally an AUTHREQ message.5 When the AC receives this message, it sends a CountRequest Invoke (COUNTREQ) message to the previous serving system. The previous serving system
Windows XP Professional includes support for a range of hardware devices, including USBand IEEE 1394 compliant devices. Device drivers for most devices are included with the operating system. Drivers can be configured to be dynamically updated by connecting to the Microsoft Windows Update Web site and downloading the most recent versions. If you can connect to the Internet, the Dynamic Update feature can connect to Windows Update during setup to install device drivers that were not included on the Windows XP Professional operating system CD. For more information about Dynamic Update, see Planning for Dynamic Update later in this chapter. You can add devices, such as mass storage and Plug and Play devices, to your installation. For more information about adding hardware devices to your installation, see 2, Automating and Customizing Installations. For more information about the types of hardware devices Windows XP Professional supports and about configuring these devices, see 9, Managing Devices.
Local user account.
Part VI Tuning and Troubleshooting
Figure 2-6
Figure 17-2 VITAL Data Flow.
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