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4: Network Resources
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Event Activities
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import com.ms.xml.Document;
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Perhaps you took an important document, and deleted a section that would be considered confidential, then e-mailed it to a business partner. If that person knew what they were doing, they could uncover the deleted section and view the confidential information you thought you destroyed. Oracle provides content cleansing filters that strip out this hidden content on the fly. This means you can remove unnecessary information from your documents when they are put into a repository or when downloaded from your site. Cleansing is an important part of the content life cycle, and is a vital part of a pragmatic security policy.
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Putting a Face on Your eBay Brand
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Startup Tab
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to tell Saxon-B to compare the text of the artist tag to Jimi Hendrix. If there is a match, then the text of the title tag is assigned the variable $x, which is then used by the order by clause to sort all titles by Jimi Hendrix. This is illustrated in the following segment of the XQuery.
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Enumeration enum = elem.getChildren();
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[DllImport( User32.dll )] public static extern bool DestroyIcon(IntPtr hIcon);
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Part 1:
Part 2: Internet Networking
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AutoComplete is a feature that enables Internet Explorer to remember what you have typed in Internet Explorer, such as URLs of Web pages or information like your name and address in forms on Web pages. When you start to reenter that information, Internet Explorer tries to complete it for you. If the suggested completion is correct, you can select it, and press Enter instead of typing the rest of the information. Some people find this feature useful, whereas others find it annoying. You ll have to decide what works best for you. You can adjust AutoComplete s behavior by selecting the Content tab in Internet Options and clicking the AutoComplete button to open the AutoComplete Settings dialog box shown in Figure 6-20.
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