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8 XML Image Handling
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that they can achieve while at the same time they sense risk and potential failure given the current state of the art of the technology. This chapter acknowledges the tension of these two forces and provides a clear set of recommendations of where, when, and how to proceed forward. We encourage the reader to use this chapter to identify the most successful application of wireless data within their enterprise. In the earlier chapters of this book, several case studies and examples of companies were presented who have deployed wireless data in line-of-business applications. FedEx captures customer signatures, swipes bar code package data and time stamps the movement of packages all in real-time. Their results are clear: improved customer service and decreased costs in delivering packages. Their core business function has been modified and improved by wireless data, providing a clear ROI and a visible success within the company.
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There are two key principles of REST-based architecture:
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In the element's type is Element.ELEMENT, however, it can be a <INDENT> or <INDENTDOUBLE> element, so we should indent the text accordingly. We can get the tag's name with the Element class' getTagName() method; if the tag is <INDENTDOUBLE>, we fill a new String, ind, with the current indentation string plus four spaces (we use a new indentation string here, ind, so we can preserve the value in the original indentation
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Your deployment can use an extended schema, although in most cases you should use location tracking instead of extending the schema. All objects in Active Directory have a base set of attributes. You can extend this base set to accommodate the particular needs of your environment. When you use an extended schema, you must construct Boolean searches on the Advanced tab in the Search dialog box. When a limited set of available Boolean operators and choices exists, the Advanced tab provides the set. Although using location tracking is typically an effective solution, if it fails, administrators might extend the schema to include attributes such as printer city, printer building, or printer floor. Entering complete and accurate descriptions of printer locations in Active Directory can save time later. For more information about Active Directory and extending the schema, see Active Directory Schema in the Distributed Systems Guide of the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit. For more information about setting up location tracking using Group Policy, see article 234270, Using Group Policies to Control Printers in Active Directory, in the Microsoft Knowledge Base at http://support.microsoft.com. Note
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B.1 General
Welcome to XML programming! In this book we're going to take a guided tour of what XML has to offer[md]we'll see it all, from the basics of XML to the advanced topics, from creating our own XML documents to using XML stylesheets, from creating XML links to creating XML browsers.
2: Internet Networking
Change the state to Critical if the number of instances collected is
3. On the Select Disks page, select the dynamic disks to use for the new volume. The choices available and the selections you need to make depend on the type of volume you re creating and the number of available unallocated disks. Figure 7-7 shows a RAID-5 volume being created.
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1. Scientists have observed severe declines in honeybee populations. They call this colony collapse disorder. Without honeybees, flowers are not pollinated, crops don t thrive, and overall plant growth suffers. In fact, apple growers are almost totally dependent on insects for pollination, with honeybees responsible for over 90%. Pumpkin growers need bees to pollinate their plants too. On average, growers paid $95 to $105 per colony in 2007, compared to $55 to $65 per colony in 2008 due to the decline in bees available. (a) From the preceding information, can honeybees be considered a keystone species in certain agricultural ecosystems (b) Describe a possible effect of drastic honeybee population declines as a species. (c) How could the population drop in honeybee population affect the habitats of other local denizens (d) Ultimately, where does all food come from (i.e., what major components are necessary )
Information passed down to IP at the network layer (layer 3) from upper-layer protocols includes the network (IP) address of the destination. For IP to send this information using a data-link layer protocol (such as Ethernet), the destination MAC address must first be resolved. Because upper-layer protocols and services are not aware of the MAC address, IP uses ARP to resolve the MAC address for a next-hop IP address. ARP is used to actively maintain a table that lists recently accessed IP addresses and their corresponding physical addresses. To build or maintain this ARP cache, ARP sends out a broadcast message to all computers on the network segment using the targeted computer s IP address and asks for the physical address (MAC address) of that computer s network adapter. This process is initiated whenever an ARP cache entry for a needed IP address is not present in the ARP cache. The targeted computer replies with its physical address, which is placed in the ARP cache and is sent back to the ARP requester. If the ARP broadcast fails to determine the MAC address of the targeted computer, an error is indicated, and the upper-layer process or application must decide whether to reattempt the communication or give up.
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