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lighting. Other systems will be used for security and communications. Devices that were once tethered for power will now be connected wirelessly. One or neither of the devices in a smart building may be handheld. These devices include, but are hardly limited to, the examples in the following list: n n n n n n n n n Thermostats Lighting control systems Window shades Physical barrier management, such as doors Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) Video surveillance Emergency communications for first responders Fire sensors and fire suppression (such as sprinklers) Elevators
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Managing Workgroup Connections
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2004 Revenues ($B) 4
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External Distractions Of ce life will continue as usual around the person who is viewing a virtual presentation, and this can be a major problem. The environment surrounding attendees will probably be distracting, depending on the time of day or the day of the week. Coworkers will continue talking; telephones will continue ringing. Internal Distractions In the twenty- rst century, we have become a very distractible society. Sometimes it seems that everyone nowadays has attention de cit disorder. Plop us in front of a TV, and we ll blaze through every channel available. Give us Wi-Fi, and we ll jump from Web site to Web site. Which brings us to the problem of participating in a presentation at our desk. The idea of checking e-mail and performing other work tasks can be very tempting. Multitasking during a virtual presentation is all too common, and it can interfere with someone s reception of the message that the presenter is trying to get across. Also, there is a greater chance of getting an eyes-glazed-over feeling when concentrating through a computer monitor, as opposed to a conference room setting with a lot of people around. This fatigue places a strain on participants already short attention spans.
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Customer Satisfaction and Retention
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Above the fold is an old newspaper journalism term that has been reappropriated in the Web design world. Think of the way that the most important headlines and photos are laid out on the newspaper front page to fit above the horizontal crease. This allows the viewer to see as much essential information and images as possible in a single view. In Web design, above the fold refers to the amount of the Web page the user views on the screen without having to scroll down. For eBay listings, keeping important information above the fold is particularly important. You want your potential customers to get as much information as possible within a single view of the screen. When you go into any eBay item listing page, the view you ll immediately see above the fold is eBay s own information with the title, item number, seller information, and bidding information. Figure 3-3 depicts the standard view of the screen that appears when users open any eBay listing page. Unfortunately, the part of the listing that you have power to control (the description and more images) never appears above the fold. However, you should design your listing layout so that once the viewer has scrolled once, she will be able to view your item description and its images in one screen without having to scroll much more. Just as newspaper readers are less likely to continue reading a story that goes below the fold, the same holds true for scrolling and eBay customers. Remember that it s as easy for a potential customer to click off your site as it is for him to scroll all over your page. You want to keep his attention on your item until he has become engaged in what you re selling. You need to do everything in your power to keep his hand off that mouse until he s ready to click the bid button.
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When the user clicks the Browse button, we read in the circles.xml document and call the doTree() method with that document's root: public boolean action (Event e, Object o){
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Network Access: LAN Manager Authentication Level.
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Alcoa Inc
In a completely wireless network, each computer can be outfitted with a wireless network adapter and configured in ad hoc mode. You do not need a wireless access point unless you are bridging two dissimilar networks, such as a wired Ethernet network and a wireless network. Ad hoc wireless networks are useful if you want to minimize the initial costs of bringing up a wireless network, if you don t need to connect to any outside networks, or if one of the ad hoc wireless hosts will also serve as an ICS host. In this latter configuration, the computer connected to the Internet acts as the ICS host, and the wireless clients access the Internet by connecting to the ICS host over the wireless network. With this configuration, ICS works the same way as it does in a wired network, as shown in the following illustration. You can learn more about setting up ICS in Using Internet Connection Sharing, page 301. Although ad hoc networks reduce the initial hardware cost of a wireless network, the limited range of each wireless card means that it s easy to disrupt network communications by moving computers too far apart from one another. This drastically limits the utility of ad hoc wireless networking in medium-to-large size network installations.
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Windows XP Professional x64 Edition creates special partitions on GPT disks to store private system data, such as the dynamic disk database. On MBR disks, this system data is often stored in unused regions of the disk. However, GPT disks do not support the storing of data in unused space, so Windows XP Professional x64 Edition creates the partitions required to store private system data when you initialize a GPT disk. The partitions on a GPT disk vary depending on whether the disk is basic or dynamic. Table 12-5 describes the required partitions on basic and dynamic GPT disks.
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or microcomputer. The system controller, the heart of the network management system, continuously monitors the network and generates status reports from data received through various network components. The system controller also isolates network faults and restores segments of the network that have failed or are in the process of degrading. The controller usually runs on a powerful platform such as UNIX or Windows NT/2000. SNMP is the basis for most network management systems. It provides the ability to manage network devices in a multivendor environment from a central location. In fact, virtually any enterprise-class device that can be connected to a network supports SNMP, including wireless client adapters, access points (APs), and bridges. This means SNMP can be used to manage both the wired and wireless elements of an enterprise network. SNMP has several main components, including a management station, agents, and management information bases (MIBs).
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