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1. An authorized user opens the Advanced Attributes dialog box for the encrypted file and clicks the Details button. 2. In the Encryption Details dialog box, the user clicks the Add button to open the Select User dialog box. EFS certificates stored in the user s profile in the Other People and Trusted People certificate stores are automatically displayed. To locate user certificates that are stored in Active Directory, the user can click the Find User button and then click the Find Now button to locate the selected user(s). A dialog box will display any users that hold valid EFS certificates in the Active Directory based on the search criteria. EFS certificates can also be imported to the user s profile. If the EFS certificate is selfsigned, it is added to Trusted People. If the EFS certificate was issued by a CA, it is added to Other People. Certificates added to either container appear in the Select User dialog box. Note
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Figure 2-2 Per-channel cost to achieve a 100 percent saving in transmission.
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achieve higher returns with less risk. In comparing value and growth strategies, the LSV study states, We also look at the betas and standard deviations of value and glamour strategies. We find little, if any, support for the view that value strategies are fundamentally riskier. On his Web site,3 Dartmouth College finance professor Kenneth French compiles historical value-versus-growth stock returns. French uses price-to-book ratios to separate value from growth stocks. Analysis of data at his Web site for the 40-year period ended September 30, 2001, yields compelling results, as shown in Exhibit 3-3. French and the University of Chicago s Eugene Fama have spent years studying the relative success of the value and growth strategies. The pair finds that, for both small- and large-cap stocks, value stocks or those with lower price-to-book ratios have returned substantially more than those with higher book-value multiples over the last 40 years. In addition, value stocks have outperformed growth stocks with less annual volatility (as measured by standard deviation), with a smaller bear market dip, and with a less painful worst 12 months. In other words, the value style has enjoyed higher long-term returns and, at the same time, substantially less short-term volatility.
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If only one of the participants in a Remote Assistance session is behind a NAT device, then there is not a problem. However, if both users are situated behind their own NAT devices on different private networks, the Remote Assistance session will not be established. It is this impasse that is overcome by the UPnP NAT devices mentioned earlier.
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1 Log on to Windows XP with a user account that has administrative privileges. You cannot set up a DCC host unless your account has administrative privileges.
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Absolutely. Even if your high school teacher happens to randomly read your booklet, there is virtually no way he or she will know it is you. To the reader, each student is a number, and to the computer, each student is a bar code.
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Reverting to the previous operating system enables you to continue using the application or device while waiting for a compatible update or replacement. You can choose to upgrade to Windows XP Professional at a later date. To uninstall Windows XP Professional 1. In the Run dialog box, type appwiz.cpl and then click OK. 2. In the Currently installed programs box, click Windows XP Professional, and then click Remove. 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall Windows XP Professional. You can uninstall Windows XP Professional only if your computer meets all the following requirements: generator pdf417
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6. Adjust the Half-Reactions So That They Both Have the Same Number of Electrons
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ment, usually for less than the sellers are asking. (Verbal offers aren t illegal, just unenforceable.) COUNTEROFFER If the sellers don t accept, they may make a counteroffer, which you may in turn accept or decline, in which case you may then counter. ACCEPTANCE The sellers eventually accept your offer, or one of your counters. (If the sellers don t accept, start over with Step 1.) ESCROW Your agent or you open escrow. Used today in most states, it is a licensed and bonded company that acts as a neutral third party. The escrow holder receives all funds, makes sure that all documents are properly executed, and when all the conditions of the sales agreement (and the lender) have been met, transfers title to you, records the mortgage in favor of the lender, and gives the sellers their funds. Escrow typically lasts 30 to 60 days. FINANCING You secure your nancing (if you haven t already) from the lender who pre-approved you, or some other lender. APPROVALS You approve (or disapprove) a home inspection. You approve (or disapprove) the seller s disclosures about defects in the home. If you disapprove, you may negotiate a lower price, get sellers to x the problem, or get out of the deal, depending on how your purchase agreement was worded. CONTINGENCIES You ful ll any other obligations you re committed to as part of the sales agreement, such as putting extra cash into the deposit or approving a contingency. The sellers do likewise, such as providing a termite clearance, obtaining clear title, and clearing any contingencies they may have. FUNDING Your lender agrees to fund your mortgage. WALK-THROUGH You have a nal walk-through inspection of the property. Then you sign the nal documents (mostly loan papers); the escrow records the documents and transfers the funds. POSSESSION You get possession and the key.
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Performing the Basic Tasks
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GK SIP Server
Part 1: Windows XP Networking
Part IV
TCP/IP connectivity problems are keeping you from connecting to the PPTP server. You can use the ipconfig and ping commands to verify the reachability of the server. Keep in mind that ping will typically fail to a VPN server because of packet filtering at the server. A legacy Winsock Proxy client, used in Proxy Server 2.0, is active. The Winsock Proxy service requires a protocol definition to identify valid network protocols when access control is enabled. The WinSock Proxy service uses the defined protocols to determine which Windows Sockets applications can be used to access the Internet. A VPN connection cannot operate with an active Winsock Proxy client. Winsock Proxy immediately redirects packets to the proxy server before they can be processed by a virtual private network connection for encapsulation. Disable the Winsock Proxy client. One alternative is to upgrade Proxy Server 2.0 to Microsoft ISA Server 2000 or later, allowing you to run the computer as an ISA Server Firewall client. You do not have the appropriate connection and domain permissions on the remote access server. Obtain appropriate permissions. If you are using TCP/IP, you do not have a unique public IP address. Obtain an authorized public IP address. Name resolution problems are keeping you from resolving names to IP addresses. Specify fully qualified domain names or IP addresses in your connection.
Using Encrypting File System
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