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Wireless Mobility
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Part 2:
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Matching Counters to Graph Lines A color and bar thickness is assigned to each counter within the legend. If you aren t monitoring many counters, you can easily match the color to the counter. However, there are certainly occasions when several counters bunch together on the graph, making it difficult to visually separate them. When that happens, click a counter in the list below the graph and then click Highlight. As you can see in Figure 20-3, the selected line is heavily traced to make it more visible.
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The GI tract, from the salivary glands to the colon, is lined with an epithelium that can secrete hydrogen ions, bicarbonate, or a combination. In addition, the major exocrine secretions of the pancreas and liver that flow into the duodenum contain large amounts of bicarbonate. To accomplish these tasks the GI tract (and the kidneys as we discuss later) use the CO2 bicarbonate system in an ingenious way. When we generate bicarbonate and protons from CO2 and water in a given medium, say in the blood or in a cell, the result is always acidification, because the concentration of protons rises. However, cells of the GI tract separate the protons from the bicarbonate. They transport protons out of the cell into one medium (eg, the lumen of the GI tract), and bicarbonate into another (the interstitium bathing the basolateral surface). Therefore, the lumen becomes acidified and the surroundings (and therefore the blood leaving the tissue) becomes alkalinized (see Figure 9 1). In other regions of the GI tract the cells reverse the direction of these processes, ie, they transport bicarbonate into the lumen (alkalinizing it) and protons into the surroundings. Thus, different regions of the GI acidify and alkalinize the blood. Normally, the sum of GI tract secretions is nearly acid-base neutral (ie, the secretion of acid in one site, eg, the stomach) is balanced by the secretion of bicarbonate elsewhere (eg, the pancreas). Typically, there is a small net secretion of bicarbonate into the lumen of the GI tract, resulting in the addition of protons to the blood. However, in conditions of vomiting or diarrhea, one kind of secretion may vastly exceed the other, resulting in a major loss of acid or base to the outside world complete with a major retention of base or acid in the blood.
someone can simply modify an existing XML document. Carefully constructed DTDs will enable the creation of XML-based information elements that can be easily reused across multiple media. A standards-based XML document with additions, changes, or conversions can be used as a template for creating other documents for specific applications, specific media, or specific customers. For example, by using an XML format, a corporation can automatically publish information to the Web, to print media, to CD-ROM, or to HTMLbased pages, without wasting time and effort developing separate versions for each different type of media. This also eliminates the need to juggle multiple vendors to accommodate proprietary technologies for the various media. In addition, XML documents can be easily customized to provide one-toone marketing by tailoring information for targeted customers. XML enhances a corporation s ability to provide customers with the information they want, when they want it, and in the format they want it. In fact, XML provides the framework for creating a unique corporate set of documents that can be tailored to specific business processes and corporate standards. The rigidly defined structure of XML provides an almost chameleon foundation to build corporate standards that can provide the versatility needed to differentiate between the competition in the marketplace.
circles applet_app = new circles();
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Routing Rules If each user of the Global Mailbox maps directly
AP Chemistry Practice Exam 2 327
frame.add("Center", applet);
The first step in the deployment process is to assess your business needs so that you can define the project scope and objectives. Next, decide how best to use Windows XP Professional to meet those needs. Then, assess your current network and desktop configurations, determine whether you need to upgrade your hardware or software, and choose the tools for your deployment. Having made these decisions, you are ready to plan your deployment. An effective plan typically includes the following:
Management Task Configure registry-based Group Policy settings for computers and users. Manage local, domain, and network security. Centrally install, update, and remove software. Manage Internet Explorer configuration settings after deployment. Apply scripts during user logon/logoff and computer startup/shutdown. Centrally manage users folders and files on the network, and make shared files and folders available offline. Centrally manage user profiles.
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