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Backing Up and Restoring Data
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9. With the WorkflowStore database designated as the target of the script, execute the script by clicking the Execute button on the toolbar. 10. Repeat steps 7 through 9 to execute the SqlPersistenceService_Logic.sql script. This loads the necessary stored procedures into the database. If everything worked as it should, we now have a database ready for workflow instance storage. It s time to plug SqlWorkflowPersistenceService into our workflow processing so that we can use the database we just created.
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We thought it worthwhile to conclude this book with a list of some of the key issues and trends that will influence the wireless market in the years to come. Some are specifically security related, whereas others are not; however, all of them will undoubtedly shape the wireless industry landscape.
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General Properties of Aqueous Solutions
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2 Right-click your network icon in Network Connections, and choose Properties from the shortcut menu to open the dialog box shown here.
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based on Value-Building Growth database (25,000 companies). Sources: Value-Building Growth database; A.T. Kearney analysis
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Pennzoil Co
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WAIT FOR time_expression
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public static void main(String args[])
If the serving system is still able to support AC-controlled authentication procedures, then the serving system can notify the AC of its modified SSD sharing capabilities at the next authentication event (e.g., call origination). Alternatively, the serving system can initiate the location-cancellation process for one or more visiting MSs in the system, as described in 10; that is, using the ANSI-41 MSInactive Invoke message including the DeregistrationType parameter, or using the ANSI-41 BulkDeregistration Invoke message. Use of MSInactive is the preferred approach since (a) it allows the serving system to convey the current value of COUNT to the AC (see Call History Count Update ), and (b) it allows selective location cancellation of only those MSs for which the serving system is sharing authentication responsibilities, rather than all visiting MSs.
Figure A-5
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