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Client Computer Reaching Remote Computer Through VPN Server
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Zend Framework: A Beginner s Guide
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In the preceding example, the servers named printsrv, localsrv, and primary are defined, by the #PRE keyword, as entries to be preloaded into the NetBIOS cache at system startup.
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Binomial Distributions, Geometric Distributions, and Sampling Distributions 177
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TYPE smallint IS -32767 TO 32767;
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The call flows and procedures in ANSI-41 that define the mobile access hunting (MAH) feature may look complex, but the feature has a simple objective: to complete a call to one of a group of telephone numbers by proceeding sequentially through the group, one member at a time, until one of the group members answers. The MAH process is initiated when a party calls the MAH pilot directory number. Two types of MAH groups are defined that affect the MAH feature processing:
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Inference for Regression 261
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The Networking Interview
* Processes achieved by hydrogen ion secretion.
4: Network Resources
Appendix C:
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