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Enabling EAP-TLS in Remote Access Policy If you created a remote access policy that permits PEAP authentication (in the Creating a Remote Access Policy section of this chapter), use the following steps to add EAP-TLS to the list of allowed authentication protocols. If you chose Smart Card Or Other Certificate on the Authentication Methods page when creating the remote access policy, skip this section.
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presentations, multimedia, documents, and the contents of their screens. Virtual presentations facilitate this type of communication with employees and business partners across the city, across the country, or around the world.
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Warehouse Technologies with Payback Period <1 yr Barcode Printers & Tags RF Scanners & Base Stations Pick/Put to Light Carousels Forklifts Conveyors Voice Recognition Sortation Systems RFID WMS 0.0% 16.9% 20.0% 40.0% 60.0% 80.0% 51.4% 46.2% 41.2% 38.8% 37.5% 35.7% 31.6% 27.8% 74.7%
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That's just what we expected to see[md]the XML document's text, stripped of markup. As mentioned, the MSXML parser checks to make sure XML documents are well-formed (and, if the document has a DTD, the parser checks to make sure the document complies with the DTD). If the document contains an error of some kind, our program will indicate that; for example, if we change one of the end tags from </NAME> to </NAMES>, the parser will point out the error: < XML version = "1.0" >
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Logging On to a Windows Domain
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version 4.6 was the latest version. Depending on when you purchased Windows XP, you might have a newer or older version of Windows Messenger. Check Windows Update, or, to find newer versions of Windows Messenger, including any important security updates that might become available.
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The companion DVD contains the Visual C# 2008 Express Edition software needed to complete the exercises in this book. The DVD also includes the other Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions for Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Web development. You can install any of the Express Edition products included on the DVD. See 2, Installing Visual C# 2008 Express Edition for detailed installation instructions.
As you review the sample letters that follow, you ll encounter a variety of different styles. The rule of thumb is this: the more forceful the letter, the more hard hitting the close. From the direct Hire me to the warm, polite I hope all is well with you and look forward to seeing you soon, each letter reflects the specifics of that writer s situation and the players involved. The assessment of your own situation that you make before beginning to write should carry you through to your close, if you choose to include one. Continue with the same tone of voice you ve used throughout the letter. Changing your tone now will make you sound insincere.
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