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Standardize the following when creating a baseline configuration:
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producing a wide range of products. Thus, direct thermochemical conversion processes including pyrolysis to produce fuels from biomass are also possible resulting in the production of gaseous products (gaseous fuels), liquid products (liquid fuels), and charcoal (solid fuels) (Kavalov and Peteves, 2005; Demirbas, 2007). The pyrolysis of biomass is a thermal treatment that results in the production of charcoal, liquid, and gaseous products. Thus, biomass is heated in the absence of air and breaks down into a complex mixture of liquids, gases, and a residual char. If wood is used as the feedstock, the residual char is what is commonly known as charcoal. With more modern technologies, pyrolysis can be carried out under a variety of conditions to capture all the components, and to maximize the output of the desired product be it char, liquid, or gas. The liquid fraction of the pyrolysis products consists of two phases: an aqueous phase containing a wide variety of organooxygen compounds of low molecular weight and a nonaqueous phase containing insoluble organics of high molecular weight. This phase is called tar and is the product of greatest interest. The ratios of acetic acid, methanol, and acetone of the aqueous phase were higher than those of the nonaqueous phase. The point where the cost of producing energy from fossil fuels exceeds the cost of biomass fuels has been reached. With few exceptions, energy from fossil fuels will cost more money than the same amount of energy supplied through biomass conversion (Demirbas, 2007). Wood contains 80 percent or more of volatile organic matter that may be recovered as a gas and tar on pyrolysis. Pyrolysis of wood was at one time used for obtaining creosote oils as well as acetic acid (wood vinegar) and some methanol (wood spirits). The gases evolved (hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide) had no value for illumination purposes and were used to supply the heat for the pyrolysis. Gasification of wood may be used to produce either a low- or a medium-heat content gas if a gaseous fuel is desired, or a synthesis gas that can be converted to liquid fuels using one of the indirect liquefaction processes. Gasification followed by a synthesis step is expected to yield a higher-quality liquid than can be obtained by pyrolysis. The relative quantity of char, tars, and gases evolved on pyrolysis is strongly dependent on the feedstock then on the rate of heating and the final temperature attained. Slow-heating, low temperature pyrolysis favors char yields. After the initial decomposition, subsequent coking and cracking reactions can result in a char that contains oxygen and hydrogen in addition to the carbon. Apart from char and water, some tars and gases are always produced. The watery distillate evolved from wood at 160 to 175 C is called pyroligneous acid and contains 5 to 10 percent acetic acid and 1.5 to 3 percent methanol. This used to be the source of methanol when it was produced by the destructive distillation (pyrolysis) of wood. The higher-boiling tar fraction produced at higher temperatures is more important as a source of liquid fuels. It contains aromatic hydrocarbons and creosote oil evolved from the lignin, as well as aliphatic compounds. The creosote oil, which consists of high-molecular-weight phenols, used to be considered the most valuable constituent of the tar fraction, in part due to its potential for resin manufacture. As a whole, the tar fraction is a viscous, highly oxygenated oil that is unstable and corrosive. The pyrolysis option for biomass is attractive because solid biomass and wastes can be readily converted into liquid products. These liquids, as crude bio oil or slurry of charcoal of water or oil, have advantages in transport, storage, combustion, retrofitting, and flexibility in production and marketing. The mechanism of the pyrolysis of biomass has been studied by many investigators (Domburg et al., 1974; Adjaye et al., 1992; Demirbas, 2000) and is proposed to involve heat variations, associated with the thermal degradation reactions, which affect the pyrolysis route. Several endothermic and/or exothermic peaks for biomass pyrolysis are indicated (Stamm and Harris, 1953; Shafizadeh et al., 1976). Accordingly, cellulose pyrolysis is
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BCE Emergis Inc (BCE Inc)
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Are one or more antennas pointed at each other Can the antennas be repositioned to eliminate an intersecting path Can the polarization of antennas at one location be changed so that they are cross-polarized
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Virtualization and Mobility
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Use the same file name as the original file but appear in different folders. Use different file names from the original file but appear in the same folder. Use different file names from the original file and appear in different folders.
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2. The world s oceans make up what percent of the planet s biosphere (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) 27% 44% 62% 75% 99%
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Unified Service Architecture
Zend Framework: A Beginner s Guide
EXHIBIT 4-1 Cisco Systems in April 2000: A Good Investment Company Cisco Systems Ford Texaco Merrill Lynch DuPont International Paper Sara Lee FedEx McDonald s Goodyear Tire & Rubber J.P. Morgan Anheuser Busch Eli Lilly Fox Entertainment Consolidated Edison Apple Computer Dow Jones Total
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