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11. Remote sensing is an important tool in the study of dynamic desert features like (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) tree growth camel populations flash floods dunes locust species
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Scalability ultimately limited by available IP multicast addresses. Use a routing protocol between peers to distribute VPN routes. Linear Requires change to routing protocols and implementations. EGP-based solutions allow inter-AS VPNs. Linear Transparent to existing routing or MPLS protocols and implementations. Other VPN attributes can also be held in the directory. VLL VPLS VPRN VPRN
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Figure 6.1 Titration of a strong acid with a strong base.
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Activity Make enhancement notes for future presentations. Prepare and present a report to your management.
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1. Using the previous test project, return to the code editor in the Button1_Click event, and then open the IntelliSense Snippet menu by using either method described earlier. 2. Click the Visual C# menu choice, and then scroll down to the for statement. Look at Figure 5-9 to get a feel for which menu choices you should have on your screen. Double-click the for statement to insert the code into the code editor. 3. Once you select the for statement, a generic template for the C# for language construct Figure 5-9 appears. As shown in Figure 5-10, the green Code snippets within the Visual C# language menus fields in the before version (on the left) are replacement fields prepopulated with some default values that you can modify. Before you go to the next step, edit the code to match the after version (on the right).
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Global markets offer tremendous opportunities for value investors. Keep in mind that when you look into companies around the world, it s important to evaluate all factors, such as currency fluctuations, political risk, and diverse accounting systems, that may influence your investment decisions. You may need to make adjustments to financial statements when evaluating company fundamentals in various countries to create a more apples-to-apples comparison. Be cognizant of the political climate in countries where you may invest, but don t let negative sentiment deter you from investigating promising individual companies in emotionally charged regions. While all of these factors may involve more work and research than you re used to in the domestic market, I believe the potential rewards make the effort very worthwhile.
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Figure 13-5 Comp Operation Table.
Can wireless technology improve the efficiency or effectiveness of our equipment or personnel If so, how Can wireless data help us build a new type of business or profit center, or to automate/improve existing processes Can we use wireless to build the most important intangible customer satisfaction How can mobile data (or mobile access to enterprise data) help retain our customers, reduce churn, and squeeze more out of the business process What is the likely return on investment (ROI) for a wireless data network Can it be demonstrated as tangible ROI, or as business intangibles," such as improved customer service and employee satisfaction How can wireless technology help us win new customers and differentiate ourselves and our offering, giving us a competitive edge Those are the positives. Now here are some can we do something else " questions that could, at the outset, help you find options other than wireless data to solve the business problem: Could I use a wired network to accomplish the same objectives as a wireless network If so, a wireline network is almost invariably a less expensive alternative with more options for network infrastructure, data sharing, and access. However, there are exceptions to this rule. In some cases, a wireless network can prove to be less costly over the entire life cycle of an application when such factors as maintenance of a wired physical plant, moves, adds, changes, plus labor costs, and software upgrades are factored into the analysis.
When it comes to the services aspect of Enterprise 2.0, your ECM system should cleanly integrate with your enterprise architecture. For example, if your architecture is SOA-based, then your strategic ECM should offer easyto-use content services. It should also cleanly integrate with your service governance model and your global security policy. As stated in s 4 and 6, Oracle ECM can fit in nicely with your service governance model. When it comes to connecting people to each other, your ECM plays more of a supporting role. If your social software needs to store unstructured content so people can reuse it such as photos, notes, and blog posts then it makes sense to store it in your strategic ECM system. Also, your ECM system has a lot of information about emerging trends, based on the popularity of search terms and pages. The final sections of this chapter discuss why enterprise social software is important, and how ECM could play this supporting role.
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