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Our list of XML markup tags is almost complete; however, one tag is missing. These tags define information for one customer, yet multiple customers will appear in the XML document. Furthermore, the XML document will likely contain other information in addition to customer information. Therefore, it makes sense to organize the XML document into sections, one of which is customers. A section is simply another parent/child element as shown here:
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Because all services and communication methods are configured within the connection, you do not need to use external management tools to configure dial-up, VPN, or direct connections. For example, the settings for a dial-up connection include the features to be used before, during, and after connecting. These include the modem you use for dialing, the type of password authentication and data encryption you use upon connecting, and the remote network protocols you use after connecting. Because settings are established per connection, you can create different connections that apply to different connection scenarios and their specific needs. For example, you can configure a connection with a static TCP/IP address when you dial into your corporate office. You might also have a connection configured for an ISP. If your ISP allocates IP addresses using PPP, set the TCP/IP settings for the connection to Obtain an IP address automatically. Connection status, which includes the duration and speed of a connection, is viewed from the connection itself; you do not need to use an external status tool. All connections are configured by right-clicking the connection and then clicking Properties. For more information about configuring connections, see Windows XP Professional Help and Support Center.
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Another great way to gain authority is to have others do your boasting for you. For example, if you know an antique clock collector who thinks your eBay Store has the finest antiques, you can do the following to improve your credibility with other buyers: 1. Ask that person to refer business your way. 2. Have the collector link to your store on her site or advertise your store in her place of business or gallery. 3. Invite her to write a short review of your store, and use this review as a testimonial. Each of these pointers flatters the clock expert and improves your business. We discuss this last piece of advice further in the following section on testimonials.
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The first entry in an extended partition table for the first logical drive points to its own boot sector. The second entry points to the EBR of the next logical drive. If no further logical drives exist, the second entry is not used and is recorded as a series of zeros. If there are additional logical drives, the first entry of the extended partition table for the second logical drive points to its own boot sector. The second entry of the extended partition table for the second logical drive points to the EBR of the next logical drive. The third and fourth entries of an extended partition table are never used. As shown in Figure 28-7, the EBRs of the logical drives in the extended partition are a linked list. The figure shows three logical drives on an extended partition, illustrating the difference in extended partition tables between preceding logical drives and the last logical drive.
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Winnt32.exe checks for required disk space, memory, and other Setup requirements. If these requirements are not met, neither the setup process nor the Dynamic Update step proceeds. If the computer meets the setup requirements, Winnt32.exe checks the size of the Dynamic Update download to determine whether there is enough space to download the file. The estimated size of the download is based on the size of the cabinet (.cab) files, and the total amount of disk space required for the downloaded files cannot be determined. Winnt32.exe checks the size of the files again after they are extracted from the downloaded CAB files.
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ever crossing the line by getting too personal or rude. Use your judgment, do what you feel comfortable with but by all means, don t choose not to close your letter because you don t feel like writing a closing line. Here are some sample closings for the Follow-Up Letter that may inspire you! Sample Closings
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The Wireless Future
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Northrop Corp
Time Measurements
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Table 13-9 Disk Quota States
It was a pleasure meeting with you yesterday morning, and I thank you for your time.
Working with Models, Views, Controllers, and Routes
The desire to provide many more features and services to wireless subscribers. The desire to resolve compatibility problems found in earlier revisions of IS-41. The desire to integrate the TSBs into a single standard specification. The desire to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies such as intelligent networking principles and philosophies.
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