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Part 1: Windows XP Networking
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Figure 16-1.
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RIM s e-mail solution consists of two basic components: the hand-held device and e-mail redirector software. The redirector software is available in two modes: desktop or server. In the desktop redirector, RIM software is installed on the user s PC. This software communicates with the corporate e-mail server. When the RIM is not connected to the PC (via its docking cradle) and an incoming e-mail message arrives, the RIM PC retrieves, compresses, encrypts, and redirects the message to the user s RIM handheld (see Figure 6-5). The model enables the end-to-end encryption of e-mail messages from the PC to the handheld. During the installation of the RIM desktop redirector, a unique symmetric Triple DES (TDES) key is created. This key is then transferred to the RIM handheld via the protected serial port link between the PC and the handheld. The desktop redirector encrypts all messages with this symmetric key. Because the handheld has a copy of the symmetric key, it can decrypt the message at the device. This sym-
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Exists Count Size FilesSize Extension MimeType IsCompressed IsImage ImageSize Crc32, Md5, Sha1, Hash ExcludeExtension ExcludeMimeType WordCount Table 7-1
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The State of Information Management
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Table 3-5. Recommended client computer configurations Component Operating System CPU RAM Hard drive Network Adapter Display Minimum Configuration Windows 2000 Professional Pentium II 300 MHz or faster 128 MB 2 GB Ethernet or 802.11b 15" monitor running at 800 600 resolution Better Configuration Windows XP Professional Pentium III 1 GHz or faster 512 MB 20 GB Fast Ethernet, 802.11g, or second-generation 802.11a 17" monitor running at 1024 768
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1 Plasma urea concentration is usually expressed as blood urea nitrogen (BUN) in units of milligrams per deciliter. Each molecule of urea contains 2 atoms of nitrogen, so 1 mmol of urea contains 2 mmol of nitrogen, with a combined weight of 28 mg. Thus, the normal levels of plasma urea are expressed as BUN values ranging from 8.4 mg/dL to 25.2 mg/dL. We use units of millimoles per liter because we can then directly convert to osmolality.
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For more information about CryptoAPI, see the Microsoft Platform SDK link on the Web Resources page at /webresources. For more information about Data Protection API, see the Technet link on the Web resources page at Caution
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Application/Data Server
Sealing tools and APIs
5: Advanced Networking
Prior to about 1980, blown-in ceilings sometimes contained asbestos bers. If you re worried abut them, these ceilings may have to be scraped and removed or encapsulated with a sealant and a nonasbestos mixture. The cost for this can be high. In some parts of the country, heating pipes under the house or in the basement were wrapped in asbestos insulation. If disturbed, this may need to be removed by experts and the pipes rewrapped. Asbestos can also occur in other areas such as tile oors. A good inspection will thoroughly check for it.
4. Solids, liquids, and gases created through the compression of ancient organic plant and animal material in the Earth s crust are called (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) biomass inorganics sustainable fuels nuclear fuels fossil fuels
Avaya, Nortel, Cisco/Routing and Switching Data Network Architecture/Voice and Data Planner/Operations Enterprise Engineer
EAP (PEAP) from the EAP Type box, select Authenticate As Computer When Computer Information Is Available, and then click OK. After clicking OK again, the computer authenticates and connects to the network.
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