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A third possibility exists in ANSI-136, the TDMA standard. It defines the Teleservice Server Address parameter, which is included in the TDMA version of the SMD-REQ message, called R-DATA. SME-A can populate the Teleservice Server Address parameter with its MC s point code and subsystem number values, or with an IMSI value assigned to its MC, which is used as the global title address in a IMSI-to-MC global title translation. Of course, this assumes that SME-A has been programmed with this Teleservice Server Address information.
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More recently, other processes have been developed for the conversion of coal to liquid fuels. The Fischer-Tropsch process of indirect synthesis of liquid hydrocarbons (Fig. 5.16) was used in Nazi Germany for many years and is today used by Sasol in South Africa. Coal would be gasified to make syngas (a balanced purified mixture of CO and H2 gas) and the syngas condensed using Fischer-Tropsch catalysts to make light hydrocarbons which are further processed into gasoline and diesel. Syngas can also be converted to methanol, which can be used as a fuel, fuel additive, or further processed into gasoline via the Mobil M-gas process. In fact, the production of liquid fuels from coal is not new and has received considerable attention (Berthelot, 1869; Batchelder, 1962; Stranges, 1983; Stranges, 1987) since the concept does represent alternate pathways to liquid fuels (Donath, 1963; Anderson and Tillman, 1979; Whitehurst et al., 1980; Gorin, 1981; Argonne, 1990). In fact, the concept is often cited as a viable option for alleviating projected shortages of liquid fuels as well as offering some measure of energy independence for those countries with vast resources of coal who are also net importers of crude oil. In spite of the interest in coal liquefaction processes that emerged during the 1970s and the 1980s, petroleum prices always remained sufficiently low to ensure that the initiation of a synthetic fuels industry based on nonpetroleum sources would not become a commercial reality.
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If you use a third-party disk-imaging utility with Sysprep to copy a reference image onto physical media, you must be able to distribute the physical media to remote client computers. The size of the reference image is limited by the capacity of the CD (approximately 650 MB). Sysprep cannot be used to upgrade earlier versions of the operating system. To preserve existing content, you must arrange to back up data and user settings prior to the installation, and then restore the data and user settings after the installation.
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One of the advantages of using an XML document architecture is that document components can be easily stored in a database or in other documents and then reused. Standardization of the document structure facilitates reuse. After data element types are defined, the structure of these data elements are guaranteed to be identical. Documents can be produced in quantity, can be automated, are immediately available, and have minimal production costs and predictable search fields. The challenge of standardizing XML documents lies not in the physical implementation, not in production, but in the initial design. XML document designers must define document components that are universally applicable and easily reusable across a variety of corporate documents. Although this task may seem insurmountable, there are well-defined steps for building an architecture, and the potential savings in production are immense. An XML Document Design Architecture (XDA) consists of three layers: a conceptual layer, a logical layer, and a physical layer. This definition borrows aspects directly from database design, client/server design, and UML design. The conceptual layer or model consists of the business requirements that are captured by all the various documents used throughout the corporation. Simply gathering all these documents into one location can be a Herculean task. But the payoff is significant in the longer term, and it is very much worth the effort. The logical layer or model is a map from the business requirements and documents into a set of document templates that decompose into a standard set of document data element types. The Dublin Core standard (purl.oclc.org/metadata/dublin_core), which describes the components of a document and DocBook standard (www.oreilly.com/catalog/docbook/chapter/book/docbook.html), which describes documents from an SGML legacy viewpoint, may be good places to start for guidance. The logical model assigns data element types to the specific document types to create an XML document type template that will be filled with data and text to satisfy some specific business function. For example, if you want to write a memo, you would choose the memo template from the collection of XML document types. Then you would fill in the various data elements and fields with specific data and text to satisfy your specific need. The physical layer involves the creation of the document instance by fill-
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Send a nal e-mail reminder. Gather your materials. Begin a media-rich and compelling autoplay presentation. Log on as a participant, as well as a presenter. Turn off cell phones and mobile devices. Mute your computer sound and shut down unnecessary applications. Disable pop-ups and instant messaging. If you have two telephone lines, make sure that the second line does not ring during your presentation. Place and adjust your headsets.
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The primary aims of this book are to educate users and managers about the current state of wireless security, show them where the risks lie, and
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The Windows Catalog is a Web-based database of hardware and software compatible with Windows XP and certified under the Designed for Windows XP Logo Program. The Windows Catalog can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/catalog, and it replaces the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) of earlier versions of Microsoft Windows.
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select a calling card if you are using one, and enter the account and PIN numbers as needed. If your card is not provided in the default list, click the New button to enter the card name and information.
16. What book, written by marine biologist Rachel Carson in 1962, warned of herbicide and pesticide hazards (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) The Polluted Spring The Quiet Stream The Killing Spring The Silent Spring The Flooding Stream
Example Voice Networks VoIP PSTN ISDN VoATM VoFR and others
Protocol Selection
Zend Framework: A Beginner s Guide
Part 2: Internet Networking
in the next example, which defines the customer element. You use the xs: complexType tag to define the other elements that comprise the complex element. Notice that we ve used the xs:sequence tag here. This specifies that the other elements must appear in the XML document in the same sequence they appear in this definition.
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