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static String filename;
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Numbering Problems
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project spaces, shared disk drives, FTP servers, e-mail servers, home-grown applications, hosted applications, or desktops. All together, these systems have dozens of duplicate items; it is difficult to find content, let alone understand what s recent, and what s accurate. These systems are also not properly secured, and it s difficult for auditors or other departments to find and use this information. In the ECM world, we call these systems content silos. According to industry analyst Gartner, nearly 80 percent of organizations have more than two unstructured content repositories, and 25 percent of organizations have over 15 such systems. This is why nearly 30 percent of an employee s time is spent just looking for information. If that weren t expensive enough, on average, 40 percent of your IT budget will be spent on integrations. Also, analyst firm IDC estimates that there are on average eight copies of every content item in your enterprise. Do you have the storage space for that How about four years from now, when you need six times that Also, how risky is it to have so many copies of digital content sprawled around your enterprise What happens if you are sued, and a judge demands that you produce relevant documents The expense of finding relevant digital content called eDiscovery can be extraordinarily
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Generic Specifications in Configurations
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Media Interworking Function Signal Interworking Function (SIWF).
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String rootString = "#ROOT()";
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Figure 19.1 Network architecture diagram showing the authorization and call routing equipment
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5 Scroll to see files of type Text Document, and then look for file names that
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Generale de Banque SA
For more information about IP Config, see Windows XP Professional Help and Support Center. Also, see Configuring TCP/IP on the companion CD and 24, Configuring IP Addressing and Name Resolution.
Listing 9.2. .+ <!doctype style-sheet PUBLIC "-//James Clark//DTD DSSSL Style Sheet//EN">
The .+ stands for print line) to print the line "Hello.". This line goes to the Java output console. In Windows 95, that means a DOS window. (We'll see all about windowed output in the next example.) Our program is ready to run, and we'll see how to run it now.
Analog Input Speech
America Online Inc
Desktop Management
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