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Content Repository
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Mixed domain (migration) Mixed domain (migration)
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may want to develop an application to send depositors a mobile message when their checking accounts reach below a certain limit, say $250. This might require only a simple SMS message, which is a function directly supported in many wireless networks. In this limited example middleware is unnecessary since the network provides this as a base function. Another example sometimes occurs in the telemetry market where machines such as road signs are being updated with new traffic information. In this case, once the system is established it is likely to be quite stable and not have changes over time.
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Are you wondering why this chapter doesn t include any coverage of reading individual records (the R in CRUD) This aspect was already covered in 4, in the section entitled Retrieving Database Records, which used a Doctrine model to read and display database records by ID. The administration panel discussed in this chapter includes a similar function, which you ll find in the code archive for this chapter. The code archive can be downloaded from this book s companion Web site at http://www.zf-beginners-guide.com/.
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ANSI-41 Explained
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Customer Service Application development Application development Network operations Network operations Desktop/server Telco
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Two Lessons from the Print World
base station
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Document sharing
Management (continued) ___ Technical presentations ___ Technical staff supervision ___ Vendor management ___ Budgeting ___ Staff supervision ___ Interfacing with upper management ___ Asset management
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As shown previously, d d Cases 3, 4, and 5 are similar. 0.
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