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Error Code Length
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Understanding GUIDs
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Common R sum Dilemmas
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GE Capital ITS, Kansas City, Kansas
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Workflow Tracking
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Infrared TV/VCR/DVD remote controls and to beam contact information between personal digital assistants (PDAs) in a business meeting Wireless local area network (LAN) The home network for managing PCs, printers, and peripherals Personal communications service (PCS) cellular services phone for voice General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) wireless data for high-speed wireless access from laptop Cell
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Test the customized installation of Windows XP Professional. After successful testing, conduct the full-scale deployment. For more information about operating system installation, see Installing the Operating System later in this chapter. For more information about testing your installation before actually deploying it, see 1, Planning Deployments.
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the same naming system widely used on the Internet, to uniquely identify network computers. DNS uses discrete names, such as, to organize all client and domain names. You can read more about DNS in Domain Name System (DNS) on page 24.
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Try This 5-1
To more effectively showcase your capabilities, separate your experience area into a work product section and a work history section. Consider grouping your work products into categories, and then provide examples of projects under each, along with a brief description of each. Each project should include deliverable format, the business requirement, and a short description of the end product, along with the identification of whomever you collaborated with to produce it and how it met the business need. (See Figure 11-17.)
Kaba Holding AG
Converting a Disk to a Dynamic Disk
5: Advanced Networking
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Now that you have established the Main form, you ll add the notification area capabilities. Let s talk about terminology. If an application uses an icon located in the notification area (the area on the Windows taskbar where the clock ordinarily appears), this icon is called a notify icon and is implemented with a NotifyIcon control. The icon can have a context menu with different actions. Your icon will have a context menu with the following choices: About, Refresh Weather Info, Options, Open, and Exit.
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