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Specifies the supported language group to be installed on the computer. If this key is specified, it provides default settings for SystemLocale, InputLocale, and UserLocale keys. For a list of the supported language group IDs, see the Deploy.chm in the Deploy.cab file on the Windows XP Professional operating system CD. The Deploy.cab file is in the \Support\Tools folder.
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Virtual Meetings
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Introduction to the Case Studies
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If inconsistencies are detected between parts, ANSI-41.5 and ANSI-41.6 take precedence over ANSI-41.2. Conflicting requirements between ANSI-41.5 and ANSI-41.6 are a more serious problem. In either case, the errors should be brought to the attention of the TIA TR45.2 subcommittee.
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Automated System Recovery
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Single-user type. This type of group is considered busy when any one of the group members is detected as busy. It is useful for the individual who wants to set up a group including an MS, an office phone, and a business phone. Multiple-user type. This type of group is considered busy when all the group members are detected as busy. It is useful for the company that wants to set up a group including multiple employees.
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The Server Certificate page of the IIS Certificate Wizard.
DHCP Lease Process
8-1 What specific skills from the person you hire would make your life easier 8-2 What are some of the problems that keep you up at night 8-3 What would be a surprising but positive thing the new person could do in the first 90 days 8-4 How does upper management perceive this part of the organization 8-5 What do you see as the most important opportunities for improvement in the area I hope to join 8-6 What are the organization s three most important goals 8-7 How do you see this position impacting on the achievement of those goals 8-8 What attracted you to working for this organization 8-9 What have you liked most about working here 8-10 In what ways has the experience surprised or disappointed you 8-11 What are the day-to-day responsibilities I ll be assigned
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Figure 12.5 An example of SPINI feature invocation using the RemoteUserInteractionDirective operation: (1) The subscriber enters an international phone number and presses the SEND key. The call origination to an international destination trigger is set; therefore, the serving system sends an ORREQ message to the HLR including the dialed digits. (2) The HLR chooses to query the subscriber for a PIN before allowing the call to proceed; therefore, it sends interaction instructions to the serving system in the RUIDIR message. (3) The serving system connects the call to a system capable of user interaction (e.g., an interactive voice response unit), prompts the subscriber for a PIN, collects the digits entered by the subscriber, and sends them to the HLR in the ruidir message. (4) The HLR verifies that the PIN is valid and returns call routing instructions in the orreq message. (5) The serving system continues with call origination, as directed by the HLR.
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