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9.1.2 Miscanthus Miscanthus is a hardy perennial rhizomatous grass that produces a crop of bamboo-like cane up to 4 m tall. Rhizomatous implies that it spreads naturally by means of underground storage organs (rhizomes). Miscanthus can grow up to 10 ft tall and theoretically can give an annual harvest of up to 12 tons per acre. Like other bioenergy crops, the harvested stems of miscanthus may be used as fuel for production of heat and electric power, or for conversion to other useful products such as ethanol. Miscanthus is high in lignin and lignocellulose fiber and uses the C4 pathway. It can be grown in a cool climate and on many types of arable land. Miscanthus does not require a big input of fertilizers due to its capability to recycle large amounts of nutrients. Miscanthus is also well equipped for high productivity under relatively cool temperatures and may require substantial amounts of water for maximal growth (its growth could
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Handle with Care: Packaging Considerations
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106 U Step 4. Review the Knowledge You Need to Score High
4. Define the limits on disk usage for this drive letter. The available choices are:
Her PDA is now synchronizing its Personal Information Management (PIM) software schedules, sales contacts, addresses wirelessly with her desktop computer in Los Angeles. Down comes her updated calendar, down comes a skinnied down contact list she ll need today from her customer list in her Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. More news flashes: WORLD ECONOMY IS SHAKEN BY SLOW DOWN IN ASIA PACIFIC plus half a dozen e-mails, a logistics report from a shipper that manages load tracking via the wireless web. LOST PACKAGE: her display reads. DO YOU WANT THE TRACKING NUMBER She rises now and drops her robe on the floor, enjoying an off-color note from her boyfriend appended to a Lotus Notes document (he works in the Hong Kong office). She is singing, Shall We Dance showering to the tunes from NAPSTER downloaded to her PDA. Her world phone rings and synchronizes through a Bluetooth wireless connection with her laptop. The laptop is open, and she reads her morning mail. Another CNN news flash: NASDAQ TAKES BEATING; another four voice mails telling her the home office can t find that Osaka shipment. And now the hotel breakfast menu flashes on her PDA in English and Japanese, with prices marked clearly in Yen. Down comes the menu; down comes her link to a digital expense report; down comes her recorded preferences; will she stick with the same breakfast Of course, with one exception (bacon). The FedEx tracking number of that lost package is pushed to her screen where has the package gone Through the surging droplets of water, she hears a growl: Pick up the phone, damnit. It s her boss. She doesn t answer. She hears and sees his awful Max Headroom jabber on her PDA in another short video link as he exhorts the Tokyo sales team to make their numbers this month. She wonders if anyone has ever had cleaner fingernails. Another love note: Donald misses her so much will she call tonight to help with homework It s her ten year-old son. Nothing is too far fetched for her. Mentally, she is hard wired to her PDA, her laptop, and her networks; everything else is wireless and
Windows XP Professional includes several tools that enable you to design and deploy automated and customized installations. These tools provide different types of functionality for a variety of deployment scenarios. Each tool has specific strengths and limitations that you can evaluate to determine which tool is most appropriate for your environment. For more information about the baseline requirements for each of the tools, see Choosing an Automated Installation and Customization Tool later in this chapter. Windows XP Professional includes the following automated and customized installation tools:
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