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In this example, the displayAction() method first retrieves the value of the input variable $_GET['id'], and then interpolates this value into a Doctrine query that attempts to find a matching record in the database. If the query returns a single record as the result, this result is assigned to the view as an associative array. If no matches, or multiple matches, are found, a 404 exception is raised and propagated forward to the default exception handler, which formats it into a readable error page and displays it to the client. This listing also introduces a new component, the Zend_Filter_Input component. This component, as the name suggests, provides an alternative approach to filtering and validating input, and it is very useful in situations where the user s input doesn t come through a form (as in this example, where the record ID is submitted as a URL request parameter). All of the filters and validators discussed in 3 can also be used with Zend_Filter_Input. How does it work The Zend_Filter_Input class constructor accepts three arguments an array of filters, an array of validators, and an array of input data to be tested and runs the first and second of these on the third. You can also specify the array of input data separately, using the setData() method. In the previous listing, for example, the $_GET['id'] variable is first filtered using the HTMLEntities, StripTags, and StringTrim filters, and is then checked to make sure it is an integer. As with Zend_Form, there s an isValid() method, which returns Boolean true or false depending on whether or not the data is valid; this can be used as a conditional wrapper around the action s business logic.
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// Negate answer. _response[2] = false;
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networks without having to buy new hardware, thus saving money and configuration time.
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Performing the Basic Tasks
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Functions Supported by ANSI-41 MS service qualification MS location management MS state management authentication intersystem handoff
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In the old days in real estate (by old days I mean as late as the 1950s) the Latin expression caveat emptor was often quoted: Let the buyer beware. Since that time, consumer protection laws have swelled to the point where today the buyer who knows how to take advantage of these laws is protected and even has advantages as never before. However, when it comes to the actual negotiations, there are no protections for the buyer. You are at your own mercy. You can make a good deal. Or you can get yourself into terrible trouble. The question naturally arises, therefore, of how a person who is not a real estate professional can negotiate successfully in what may be a den of wolves. How do you avoid cheating yourself by your negotiation inexperience The answer is by acquiring knowledge. Having read this chapter thus far, you ve already acquired a great deal that you may not have known before. You now know that everything is negotiable. When the agent says, There s no way you can ask for the refrigerator. It s personal property and goes with the seller automatically. You can stand back, catch your breath, and say with con dence, Either I get that damn refrigerator or there s no deal! Grumbling, the agent will write into the contract that the refrigerator goes with the house, knowing full well that he or she is going to have to ght the sellers for hours to get them to agree. You should now know that there s nothing embarrassing about submitting low offers and making your agent struggle to get the seller to sign. There s nothing wrong with insisting on terms that are totally favorable to you. You should also now know that it s a mistake to let the seller s agent assist you in determining the price to offer.
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} catch (MalformedURLException e1) {
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Appendix A:
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Part III:
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435-888-9090 (home)
Spooler Settings
29. Click the Workflow1 hyperlink-style button to return to the state designer view. There, select the EventDriven activity from the Toolbox and drag it onto the designer s surface, dropping it into the WaitSelectionState activity. Name it ItemSelected.
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