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As a reminder, if after compiling the workflow solution the new activities don t appear in the Toolbox, closing and then opening the eBroker solution will force them to load. You ll need them in the next section.
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// $this->getRequest()->getParam('DisplayUntil_month'), // $this->getRequest()->getParam('DisplayUntil_day') //); if ($form->isValid($postData)) { $input = $form->getValues(); $item = Doctrine::getTable('Square_Model_Item') ->find($input['RecordID']); $item->fromArray($input); $item->DisplayUntil = ($item->DisplayStatus == 0) null : $item->DisplayUntil; $item->save(); $this->_helper->getHelper('FlashMessenger') ->addMessage('The record was successfully updated.'); $this->_redirect('/admin/catalog/item/success'); } } else { // if GET request // set filters and validators for GET input // test if input is valid // retrieve requested record // pre-populate form $filters = array( 'id' => array('HtmlEntities', 'StripTags', 'StringTrim') ); $validators = array( 'id' => array('NotEmpty', 'Int') ); $input = new Zend_Filter_Input($filters, $validators); $input->setData($this->getRequest()->getParams()); if ($input->isValid()) { $q = Doctrine_Query::create() ->from('Square_Model_Item i') ->leftJoin('i.Square_Model_Country c') ->leftJoin('i.Square_Model_Grade g') ->leftJoin('i.Square_Model_Type t') ->where('i.RecordID = ', $input->id); $result = $q->fetchArray(); if (count($result) == 1) { // comment date adjustment //$date = $result[0]['DisplayUntil']; //$result[0]['DisplayUntil_day'] = date('d', strtotime($date)); //$result[0]['DisplayUntil_month'] = date('m', strtotime($date)); //$result[0]['DisplayUntil_year'] = date('Y', strtotime($date)); $this->view->form->populate($result[0]); } else { throw new Zend_Controller_Action_Exception('Page not found', 404); } } else {
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$this->_helper->getHelper('FlashMessenger') ->addMessage('The records were successfully deleted.'); $this->_redirect('/admin/catalog/item/success'); } else { throw new Zend_Controller_Action_Exception('Invalid input'); } } // success action public function successAction() { if ($this->_helper->getHelper('FlashMessenger')->getMessages()) { $this->view->messages = $this->_helper ->getHelper('FlashMessenger')->getMessages(); } else { $this->_redirect('/admin/catalog/item/index'); } } }
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note Some NetWare environments might require the use of Novell s own NetWare client
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When we think of vitamin D, we often think of sunlight or additives to milk. In vivo vitamin D synthesis involves a series of biochemical transformations, the last of which occurs in the kidneys. The active form of vitamin D (1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 ) is actually made in the kidneys, and its rate of synthesis is regulated by hormones that control calcium and phosphate balance.
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Sr. Systems Engineer, Twinn Software, Aliso Viejo, CA 6/2002 9/2004 Developed front-end applets that could be used in a web browser and could generate charts of real-time quotes by reading the values from the corresponding database. Middleware development with servlets and JSPs that performed custom analytics on the data reading from the database or from the real-time updated stream. Middle tier development followed J2EE standards. Developed and customized a content management system using Drupal. The system supported an e-commerce-based web site using OSCommerce with LAMP extension. Developed an HSBC Payment Gateway for e-commerce using servlets. Developed applications for concurrency, XML parsing, XML validation, and report generation. Sr. Software Architect, SystemsPro Corp., Mission Viejo, CA 2/2000 6/2002 Developed new web software applications and dynamic web sites. Had high-phased interaction with the client, translating needs into technical requirements, selecting the best implementation method and hands on development that included coding, GUI, database development, implementation, and integration with existing systems. Developed coding standards using Java, J2EE, EJB, Swing, XML, JSP, and MYSQL. Developed object-oriented C++ components and displays using JavaScript and HTML. Developed e-commerce systems using OSCommerce, developed custom shopping carts, developed custom extensions to existing e-commerce shopping cart systems, and integrated with third-party payment gateways Served as project coordinator leading several projects, defining project proposals, and setting and managing project budgets. Education B.S. Information Technology, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA code 128 font
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15. Exponential human population growth is affected by all the following factors except (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) infectious disease clean water supplies hazardous work conditions increased television time better and more available food
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Choose an import or export action for Internet Explorer
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With the dates and numbers handled, the next step is to perform string localization. Given the limited space constraints of this book, it isn t possible to localize every single string in the application, and so, this example will assume that string localization is restricted to only the following three targets: the application s main menu, page footer, and contact form. To perform string localization, it is necessary to edit each application layout and view, and use the translation view helper to dynamically interpolate translation strings into it. A good place to begin is the application s master layout, which contains the main menu. Edit this file, which is located at $APP_DIR/application/layouts/master.phtml, with the revisions highlighted in bold:
Public Network Issues for VoMPLS
Keep calm. As best as you can, avoid stress before your presentation. Steer clear of serious conversations or controversy with your kids. If you are commuting, leave a bit early to make sure that you are not rushed and have time to settle in once you get to the of ce.
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Table 10-3. Special permissions for files Full Control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Modify Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Read & Execute Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No Yes No No Read No Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No Yes No No Write No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No No
information used to verify the identity of a member of the administrators group.
Stop 0x00000024 or NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM
You clearly have a chip on your shoulder. Why should we take a chance that you don t have other interpersonal issues The job description mentions weekend work. Are you serious We re serious about the job description. We re suddenly less serious about you. You get the picture. Don t raise red flags. Once the interviewer has decided that you are the right person for the job, you will find the employer to be much more accommodating about issues like these. Wait until after you have the offer in hand before you raise these questions.
NAT Acronym for Network Address Translation, a mechanism for reducing the need for globally unique IP addresses. NAT allows an organization with addresses that are not globally unique to connect to the Internet by translating those addresses into globally routable address spaces. Also known as Network Address Translator. NEBS Acronym for Network Equipment Building Systems. Covers spatial, hardware, craftsperson interface, thermal, fire resistance, handling and transportation, earthquake and vibration, airborne contaminants, grounding, acoustical noise, illumination, EMC, and ESD requirements. network elements Network elements are commonly referred to as boxes or, more specifically, electronic boxes. This typically includes any powered network device such as a router, switch, access point, and so forth. network layer Layer 3 of the OSI reference model. Provides connectivity and path selection between two end systems. The network layer is where routing occurs. Other associated terms include application layer, data-link layer, physical layer, presentation layer, session layer, and transport layer. network management Generic term used to describe systems or actions that help maintain, characterize, or troubleshoot a network. NIAP Acronym for National Information Assurance Partnership. Serves as the joint NSA/NIST program that serves U.S. industry to help define criteria for security measures and algorithms. NIST Acronym for National Institute of Standards and Technology, a U.S. federal technology agency that develops and promotes standards in security and other standards for measurement, standards, and technology. NLOS Acronym for Near Line Of Sight; also commonly referred to as Non Line Of Sight. Refers to physical obstructions located between transmitting and receiving antennas. See also Fresnel zones, LOS. NOC Acronym for Network Operation Center, an organization with equipment responsible for maintaining a network, generally on a remote basis. NSA National Security Agency; involved in NIST security protocol efforts and standards.
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