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Network Address Translation (NAT) hides your actual IP address from machines beyond the device doing the translation. Only the device doing NAT needs to have a valid Internet IP address; all clients and servers on the internal network are given private addresses from the address ranges reserved for private networks. (See the Real World sidebar, IP Addresses for Internal Networks. ) To provide NAT, you can use a stand-alone router or firewall device, a proxy server or firewall software package such as ISA Server, or the built-in NAT functionality of Windows Small Business Server 2003. Although NAT is the backbone of any Internet connection sharing technique, and the first line of your security perimeter, it isn t sufficient by itself to truly protect your network. ISA Server supplements NAT with additional security measures, most notably packet filtering. Real World IP Addresses for Internal Networks Back when folks were deciding how to parcel out IP addresses (and long before anyone figured out how to perform NAT), the need for addresses that could be used for test networks was recognized. A special set of IP addresses called private network addresses was defined in RFC 1918 (http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1918.html) for test networks or other networks not physically connected to the Internet. These private network addresses allow a much larger address space than would be possible with officially assigned addresses while protecting the integrity of the Internet. If a machine with one of these addresses were to
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Advanced Backup Options
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Note: We use SGML declarations in this chapter because the Jade DSSSL tool requires them. However, these declarations, with O O type strings, are the only differences between the SGML documents in this chapter and XML documents.]
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Browsing Web sites poses another potential avenue for violating the security of your computer and the data stored on it. Internet Explorer includes a number of features designed to improve the look and feel of the Internet; however, these features also increase the risk of surfing the Web. Proper use of the Internet Zones feature, as described in Security Zones, page 144, can help protect Windows XP from exploits that can be delivered via client-side scripting technologies such as JavaScript as well as illicit Web-hosted applications using Java or ActiveX controls. It is also crucial to remain up-to-date on the latest patches for Internet Explorer to eliminate any newly detected security threats. Cookies are used by many Web sites to track user preferences, but they can also be used to spy on your viewing habits. Trojan horse and spyware detection utilities can often detect and remove such cookies, and Internet Explorer 6.0 includes advanced cookie management features that allow you to select which types of cookies, if any, that you want to have automatically downloaded to your computer. You can learn more about these settings in Understanding Privacy and Content Settings, page 148. If you are
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Folder Redirection
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Basic Call Origination
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CEO Strategies for Endgames
To open Help and Support Center 1. Click Start, and then click Help and Support. 2. For more information about tools, under Pick a task, click Use Tools to view your computer information and diagnose problems. You can also use Windows XP Professional Help and Support Center to submit a form describing your problem to Microsoft. A Microsoft Support Professional then evaluates the information and contacts you by using the chosen contact option. One such option is Remote Assistance, which allows the Microsoft Support Professional to assist you by sharing control of your computer. For more information about Remote Assistance, see Remote Assistance later in this appendix.
Interviewers hate to be bullied, and they will send you packing at the first hint of a threat. That means if you have another job offer from company A, keep it to yourself until after company B has expressed an interest in making you an offer as well. Unfortunately, candidates have abused the tactic of pitting employers against each other by brandishing genuine or, as is more likely the case, fictitious job offers. A few years ago, this tactic created an unreasonable and unsustainable climate for hiring. Don t test it with today s crop of interviewers; they
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