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disks) The use of multiple hard disks in an array to provide for larger volume size, fault tolerance, and increased performance. RAID comes in different levels, such as RAID-0, RAID-1, and RAID-5. Higher numbers don t necessarily indicate greater performance or fault tolerance, just different methods of doing the job.
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Removing Computers from the Network
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A method of manually designating network files and folders so that they are stored on a user s hard disk and accessible when the user is not connected to the network.
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Tone and transition detector
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Figure 3-6 RSVP flow descriptors.
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Managing Connectivity
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Picture Window You can share a video stream of yourself while you present or insert a picture of yourself. Another option is to mix things up by showing a photograph of selected participants as they interact with the group, demonstrate an application, or answer a question.
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MOBILE STATION STATE MANAGEMENT MS state management is the set of functions that manages the activity status of the MS (i.e., the subscriber). The subscriber s state is considered by the network to be either active or inactive. When the state is active, the subscriber is considered available to receive calls. When the state is inactive, calls are generally not sent to the subscriber by the network. The subscriber s state is considered inactive when the subscriber is not registered, outside the radio
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ANSI-41 Network Implementations
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Desktop Management
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You may notice that this step is the same as Step 2 in your Resume Cover Letters. That s because in both situations, your letter is dedicated to promoting your candidacy. To do so, you must sell your strengths as well as the benefits they will bring your next employer. In the body of your letter, remind your reader of the skills or knowledge you possess that make you perfectly suited to fill the open position. But don t stop with that as your competition will. Link these qualities to the meaningful advantages they offer your next boss and her company. To do this, think of your unique attributes as they fall under four categories: profits, productivity, performance, or personal satisfaction. Ask yourself how you can contribute to the success of the firm, a specific division, a team of people, or your immediate supervisor. Will your skills help to enhance productivity Will your achievements play a role in increasing profits Will you add to or improve performance Will your personal satisfaction contribute in some way such as boosting morale, setting an example, or introducing new ideas or a new perspective You ll find that the most important benefits you can deliver will involve one or more of these areas. In the body of your Follow-Up Letter, you might also supply additional references or more detailed information on your skills. You might clarify or strengthen comments made during an interview.
security descriptor A data structure that con-
To give you some idea of the breadth and depth of corporate solutions using a middleware solution, consider the following: Reuters America, developers of Reuters Market feed, used a middleware solution to develop the company s first mobile wireless solution for 24 X 7 investors. The MarketClip service initially allowed mobile subscribers to access the Reuters network for news and stock quotes (but not actual trading; that was added later) on average 80 times a day per subscriber. Mediating between the client legacy network and wireless subscribers, an Aether Technologies middleware solution delivered real-time data feeds from Reuters America to subscribers. Aether-hosted servers in Maryland provide filtering and optimization, then delivery of the relevant data to wireless subscribers Palm PDAs on CDPD or Mobitex networks. Application software on the client end talks through the middleware, which then handles the RF protocol conversions. In effect, the system is a corporate intranet extended out to customers by utilizing three public wireless networks. American Freightways (AF) based in Harrison, Arkansas, utilizes a Broadbeam middleware solution to provide compatibility between its terrestrial and satellite networks used to track for hire-motor carriers throughout 28 states. AF has outfitted 1,000 of its trucks with a complete wireless data system to meet demands for real-time communications between the drivers and the company s 221 customer service centers. The system employed the Broadbeam middleware to provide connectivity to both terrestrial and sky-based networks providing tracking coverage. MCI Communications (now Worldcom) began using Broadbeam s middleware (specifically ExpressQ) to support a mission-critical mobile dispatching application. The company had been looking for a wireless data solution for dis-
That was a big chapter with a lot of material! Let s review what you ve learned. You were first introduced to databases and database concepts. You learned what constitutes a database and what you usually find within a database. You learned about data integrity and how it relates to primary keys and foreign keys. You then used Visual C# 2008 Express Edition to create a database and tables and then populated them with some initial data using various tools in Visual C# 2008 Express Edition. You implemented all the foreign key relationships without leaving Visual Studio and validated them as well. After entering your data manually, you developed a sample CarTracker application that lets a user easily enter data and that uses ADO.NET and data binding. Lastly, you learned about the new components of ADO.NET 2.0 and how, with little or no code, you can develop a fully working data-centric application. You ve been introduced only to a brief part of ADO.NET, because it s a vast subject. If you want to learn more, refer to the code or samples on MSDN. A good place to begin is the samples for Visual Studio 2008. Pay particular attention to the topic of data access with ADO.NET and LINQ. Here s the link: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/vcsharp/bb466226.aspx wt.slv=RightRail. Also refer to the Windows Forms videos at the following link: http://windowsclient.net/learn/videos.aspx. At this location you ll find some data binding examples. Finally, look at the Learn C# Web site; this site evolves over time and will provide you with additional sources for learning data access using Visual C#: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/vcsharp/aa336766.aspx wt.slv=RightRail. In the next chapter, you will develop the final application of this book the Weather Tracker application. You ll learn new concepts such as deployment, consuming Web services, user settings, and much more in a complete application with all of the necessary validations.
note Many Windows applications have traditionally required administrative privileges in
One-Variable Data Analysis 69
The Local Resources tab, shown in Figure 16-12, allows the configuration of some of the newer features available with Remote Desktop. Three categories of options exist: Sound, Keyboard, and Local Devices. The Sound option allows you to specify how sounds emanating from the remote computer will be handled. There are three options:
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An identity used by a process that is executing in a restricted security context. When code executes at the restricted security level, the Restricted SID is added to the user s access token.
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