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took well over one hundred years before the industry began to develop and grow at a consistent rate. Government programs and a relaxation of the laws on genetic engineering in the 1990s led to a growth phase that was further bolstered by a rush of venture capital firms anxious to fund start-up biotechnology businesses. The result has been a steady stream of headlines, not the least of which was the cloning of a sheep named Dolly in 1997. The future looks even better, with analysts predicting that biotechnology will represent the next revolution. Spurred by this strong growth, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, the biotechnology industry is nearing the end of the Opening Stage and moving rapidly into the Scale Stage. Smaller start-up biotech companies continue to compete for venture capital money and move toward initial public offerings (IPOs) but, as the Endgames curve predicts, their numbers are dwindling as the industry matures. Meanwhile the larger players are wasting no time in moving up the Endgames curve by consolidating: MedImmune bought Aviron for about US$1.5 billion and Millennium Pharmaceuticals purchased COR Therapeutics for US$1.75 billion. Apart from leaders such as Amgen and Genentech, most lack profitability despite their rapid growth. At this stage of industry consolidation, companies make acquisitions primarily for two reasons: to expand globally and to achieve critical mass, both technologically and financially. And the deals grow in both size and scope. In the United States, for example, the number of biotech mergers increased from 46 in 1999 to 77 in 2000. Although the number of deals declined to 52 in 2001, the total value of acquisitions rose from a mere US$6.3 billion in 2000 to US$23.2 billion in 2001. It s likely that 2001 could mark the beginning of a long trend of fewer but richer deals as the industry continues its ride up the Endgames curve. Merger activity has not been limited to the United States: Rhein Biotech s acquisition of Korean Green Cross Vaccine in February 2000 ignited a series of merger activities in Europe. Soon after, Germanbased GPC AG acquired U.S.-based Mitotix, creating the world s first transatlantic genomic company, GPC Biotech AG. Other consolidation activity includes British Celltech Group s acquisition of Chiroscience Group in 1999 and Medeva in 2000, making the combined entity a
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Systems Management Server is an efficient deployment tool for Windows XP Professional only if SMS is already being used within your network. Also, you cannot use SMS to perform clean installations of Windows XP Professional, only upgrades from earlier versions of Windows.
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Windows XP Professional can compress closed paging files. However, when you restart Windows XP Professional, the paging files revert to an uncompressed state. For information about paging files, see the topics on virtual memory in Windows XP Professional Help.
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Finally, it is critical that you consider price, warranty, and technical support during the decision-making process. When choosing a vendor, inquire about upgrade policies, future product pipeline, backward compatibility, support plans and possible leasing options.
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A Pragmatic ECM Architecture
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37. Which gas is the second biggest additive to the greenhouse effect at around 20% (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) Propane Methane Carbon dioxide Neon Helium
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The number of workers who telecommute at least part of the time continues to grow. Whether an organization has a few or many remote users, the mechanisms for access have to be reliable, secure, and easy to use. Unfortunately, this is honored more in the breach than in the observance. In many places, problems with remote access make up the largest single category of calls to the Help desk. To improve this situation, Windows Small Business Server provides the Remote Web Workplace. Using any device that can connect to the Internet, authorized users can access this dynamically created Web site using a simple Internet address. These users can then read their e-mail, access the company intranet, and connect to their own computers desktops. Users can download Connection Manager, which automates the process of connecting their remote computers to the company s network, making the whole process quite easy. More Info See 6 for information on configuring remote access. 15, Managing Connectivity, discusses remote access administration.
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XML makes exchanging data easy while providing an efficient way to modify an XML document without having to change existing parsing routines. Companies can exchange data with business partners without having to have their IT departments set up elaborate routines to exchange data. This ultimately reduces the cost of doing business. Prior to XML, corporate IT departments exchanged details of their data formats with their business partners. Programmers then either wrote new programs or modified existing programs to read and process the data. Before XML took hold, IT departments stored data in databases that use fixedlength rows, which are still widely used today. As you ll recall from earlier in this chapter, a row might contain data about one book. A fixed-length row means that the same space is allocated for every book. With XML, fields can be inserted into and removed from an XML document without altering the parsing process. This saves the expense that incurred when IT professionals had to modify a process every time a column was added to or removed from a fixed-length database. It s easy to find data in a database that uses fixed-length rows, especially compared to the effort it takes to parse data in an XML document. It takes more computer power to parse an XML document than it does to find the same data stored in a fixed-length database, because the parser must compare strings of text, evaluate XML markup tags, and validate the structure of the XML document. These tasks aren t necessary to find data in a fixed-length database. This is the very reason why IT departments initially frown upon switching from a fixed-length database to an XML document. It doesn t make sense for a corporation to move from a very efficient database tool to one that is less efficient. However, a fixed-length database isn t without its disadvantages. It calls for skilled IT professionals to create and maintain it. Furthermore, the different kinds of fixed-length database products on the market each have their own quirks. In addition, many business managers have difficulty understanding the concept of a fixed-length database, which makes it challenging to apply database technology to solve business problems without help from IT. XML, on the other hand, is straightforward, enabling a business manager who has little or no IT training to create a set of XML markup tags and use them to build an XML document. IT still needs to implement an XML parser, but the business manager usually has the skills to apply XML to solve a business problem. Furthermore, more powerful computers are available today at a reasonable cost, thereby overcoming one of the major disadvantages of using XML: the expense.
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import java.util.Enumeration;
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Since 1953, the Tropical Prediction Center has created lists of hurricanes names. As a tropical depression turns into a tropical storm, it s given the next name on the list. Written in alphabetical order, the names alternate between male and female. If a specific hurricane has been particularly vicious, the name is never used again. For example, Hurricanes Alicia, Andrew, Betsy, Camille, Carmen, Gilbert, Hugo, Katrina Ike, and Roxanne have been retired from use.
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3. Then, in a manner similar to what you did in step 18 in this chapter s Create a new host application, add the persistence service after the runtime object itself is created:
G Default Location For Received Files. If you choose to receive files, you can
eBay and third-party listing design services offer options for photo presentation. The standard, static view is a 400 300 pixel image, but options are available to supersize photos, zoom stream for close-ups, and select multiimage photo album style views and 360-degree views that allow customers to toggle around all sides of an object. So which is best to use Two schools of thought exist when it comes to making this image display decision. Proponents of using static images argue that if you supply several views of an item and use an HTML table to lay out the images alongside the text, customers are presented with a clear and
Table 18-2 shows the results of choosing the Apply changes to this folder, subfolders, and files option.
Loaded driver \SystemRoot\System32\DRIVERS\flpydisk.sys Did not load driver \SystemRoot\System32\DRIVERS\flpydisk.SYS
Figure 4-5 shows a simple interconnection between five VPN sites belonging to two different VPNs. A total of four LSPs are required in this topology: one to connect the two sites in VPN B and three to connect the three sites in VPN A.
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