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2.4 GHz 1.5dBi Yigi Antenna 2.4 GHz Magnetic Mount 5.5 dBi Omnidirectional GPS Antenna Serial/Power Cable Wireless NIC Card
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Mapping Traffic to Tunnels
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Description Displays all connections and listening ports. Displays Ethernet statistics. This can be combined with the -s option. Displays addresses and port numbers in numerical form. Displays the owning process ID (PID) associated with each connection. This option does not exist in Windows 2000. Shows connections for the protocol specified by protocol, which can be TCP, UDP, TCPv6, or UDPv6. If used with the -s option to display per-protocol statistics, the value for protocol can be IP, ICMP, TCP, or UDP. Displays the routing table. Displays per-protocol statistics. By default, statistics are shown for IP, ICMP, TCP, and UDP. Determines the refresh interval for the data displayed by Netstat.
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Keywords and Equations
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Bandwidth These initial data services did not require significant bandwidth. For instance, a query for a stock price might entail transmitting only four characters or less (for the ticker symbol) from the handset. Similar queries like weather and travel information did not require significant amounts of data to be transmitted either to or from the mobile device. This meant that these services could be applied to current 2G networks without having a significant effect on the end user s experience. Low security Due to the growing public concern over the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) security architecture, operators focused on delivering content and services where security was not a high priority. This removed the security issue as an obstacle to using the service. Informational versus transactional Related to the security issue cited previously, the initial wireless data services were deliberately aimed at serving up information and not requiring any kind of transactional processes to be invoked on the wireless device. For instance, digital signatures were usually not utilized in these initial rollouts, not because of a lack of customer demand, but because the current data services did not require signatures.
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had to evolve as well. Microsoft upgraded FAT in various versions of MS-DOS to support larger hard disks and partitions as well as store larger numbers of files and directories on a volume. MS-DOS version 4 introduced FAT16, a version of the FAT file system that allowed disk partitions of up to 2 GB in size. FAT16 was the standard file system for Microsoft s basic operating systems through MS-DOS version 6.22 and the original release of Microsoft Windows 95. However, FAT16 suffered from a number of significant limitations:
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Running IIS on Windows XP Professional
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Part I:
Using Encrypting File System
Performing the Basic Tasks
256 STEP 5. Build Your Test-Taking Confidence
One of the biggest challenges in securing a Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) wireless network is deciding how much security to use. You would not buy a million-dollar safe to protect a thousand-dollar diamond. To make matters more difficult, SOHO configurations are often implemented with inexpensive hardware that does not offer many security features. However, achieving adequate security for your SOHO is still possible. The decision about security should be made before purchasing hardware to ensure that the hardware has the necessary features. The primary question that needs to be answered is how will adding wireless to your SOHO change the current threats Some SOHO
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