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Figure 15-21.
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// Update values. truck.X = X; truck.Y = Y; // Serialize values. StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); using (StringWriter wtr = new StringWriter(sb)) { XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(Truck)); serializer.Serialize(wtr, truck); } // using // Ship the data back... _dataValues[key] = sb.ToString(); return truck; } } }
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Wind chill occurs when winter winds cool objects down to the temperature of the surrounding area; the stronger the wind, the faster the rate of cooling. For example, the human body is usually around 36 C in temperature, a lot higher than a cool Montana day in November. Our body s heat loss is controlled by a thin insulating layer of warm air held in place above the skin s surface by friction. If there is no wind, the layer is undisturbed and we feel comfortable. However, if a wind gust sweeps this insulating layer of air away, we feel Table 6.1 Wind chill can bring down the temperature of the body quickly.
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Table 9-6 Properties for the Open Menu Item
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Desktop Management
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34. From 10 The correct answer is (c). The statement in (c) describes the random variable for a geometric setting. In a binomial setting, the random variable of interest is the number count of successes in the fixed number of trials. 35. From 9 The correct answer is (a).
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Tx no resources provides a count of frames lost due to the lack of buffer space. If this problem is persistent, it may require a reconfiguration of the network. Tx frames dropped provides the total number of frames dropped due to the lack of an RF link. Frames also can be dropped due to an overload in the wireless network. Tx pool or percent buffer available provides the percentage of available transmit buffer space. With an overload condition, 0 percent indicates that no resources are available.
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Getting Past the HR Recruiter to the Hiring Manager
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The electronic configuration is a condensed way of representing the pattern of electrons in an atom. Using the Aufbau build-up pattern that was used in writing the energy-level diagram, consecutively write the number of the shell (energy level), the type of orbital (s, p, d, etc.), and then the number of electrons in that orbital shown as a superscript. For 2 1 example, 1s 2s would indicate that there are two electrons in the s-orbital in energy level (shell) l, and one electron in the s-orbital in energy level 2. Looking at the energy-level diagram for silicon above, the electronic configuration would be written as: silicon : 1s 2 2s 2 2p6 3s 2 3p 2 The sum of all the superscripts should be equal to the number of electrons in the atom (the atomic number, Z). Electronic configurations can also be written for cations and anions.
Mapping to Gates
6 Introduction to Wireless Data Networks
and press Enter. In the Value Data box, type 1 and press Enter. (This enables autologon.)
V shaped cracks in the foundation indicates serious cracking Offsetting cracks in the foundation indicates serious cracking Cracks in interior walls suggests structural problems, bad foundation Water marks on the roof rafters indicates a leaking roof Water marks on basement walls indicates seasonal ooding Standing water under home indicates poor drainage, possible foundation problems to come Slanted oors suggests bad foundation or structural damage
public void paint(Graphics g)
Logical volume Another name for a logical drive. Basic disk A traditional disk drive that is divided into one or more
This is the basic process for creating any type of Visual Studio project, and we ll use it throughout the book. Most of the sample projects we ll create will be console applications simply
One-Variable Data Analysis 77
Over-the-Air Service Provisioning
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