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Part V:
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After selecting the type of encryption, enter the key in the appropriate field using hexadecimal format. Hexadecimal digits consist of the numbers 0 through 9 and the letters A through F. For 64-bit encryption, you must enter exactly 10 hexadecimal digits into the encryption key field; for 128-bit encryption, you must enter exactly 26 hexadecimal digits. Some 5 GHz WiFi products offer 152-bit encryption, which requires that you enter exactly 32 hexadecimal digits in the encryption key field. An example of a 10-digit hexadecimal encryption key is 67BF47ACDE. The encryption key you devise for the AP must also be configured for each client device that will be affiliated with it.
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5: Advanced Networking
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The HLR is the primary repository for information about a given set of subscribers. In contrast, the VLR is a temporary storage function for those subscribers currently visiting the MSC or MSCs served by that VLR. When a subscriber is served by an MSC, the subscriber s characteristics are retrieved from the HLR and stored in the VLR. The MSC retrieves those characteristics from the VLR as needed based upon subscriber call activity. The HLR stores both semipermanent and transient data about subscribers. These data enable subscriber mobility between MSCs of the same service provider or between MSCs of different service providers. The following list provides the types of subscriber information stored at an HLR:
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1. Open the Data Transformation Services Import/Export Wizard by clicking Start, All Programs, Microsoft SQL Server, and then Import And Export Data. Click Next.
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User Configuration. All user-related Group Policy settings that specify operating system behavior, desktop settings, security settings, user-assigned and user-published application options, folder redirection options, user logon and logoff scripts, and any Group Policy settings provided by applications.
See 3 for help with naming computers.
Sami Tabane, Handbook of Mobile Radio Networks, Artech House: Boston, 2000, 571. Ibid.
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