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A standard high-speed parallel interface defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). A SCSI interface is used for connecting microcomputers to peripheral devices such as hard disks and printers, and to other computers and local area networks (LANs). See also local area network (LAN).
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10. Choose the protocol the printer uses, either RAW or LPR. Use RAW if possible; it closes the printer port when finished with a print job, reducing the likelihood of hanging the print spooler. 11. Type the port number for the printer if you re using the raw protocol. Use the default port number (9100) unless the printer documentation specifies that you must use a different port. 12. If using the LPR protocol, type the queue name in the box provided. 13. If the printer supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), select the SNMP Status Enabled check box, and type the Community Name (usually public ) and SNMP Device Index. SNMP allows the printer to communicate status information to the server. Tip Select the LPR Byte Counting Enabled check box if you re having problems with incomplete or missing documents. However, be aware that selecting this check box tells the server to count the number of bytes in a document before sending it to the printer, requiring the server to spool the job twice (taking extra time). 14. Click OK when you re finished configuring the TCP/IP port, click Next, and then click Finish.
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Summary and Future Trends
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Renal Blood Flow and GlomeRulaR FiltRation / 33
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you use a standard wired Ethernet network, you will have to run cable to another room if the network expands beyond this room. You can avoid this potential problem by using a HomePNA, Powerline, or wireless network, or you can plan ways to add such a network to your wired network if computers are later added in another location.
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Security Best Practices 73 74 86
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URL url2 = null;
Help and Information Sources
If this were the initial system access by the MS in the serving system s service area (i.e., SSD sharing would not yet have been established between the serving system and the AC). If the serving system were not capable of SSD sharing.
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note If you installed the support tools but NetDiag won t run in a Command Prompt window, it s probably because the folder for the support tools isn t in the Windows XP search path. To avoid this problem, choose Start, All Programs, Windows Support Tools, Command Prompt. This will open a Command Prompt window set to the folder in which the support tools were installed, which will enable them to be located.
Figure 16-29. The SSL Port page.
In addition to being able to configure TCP/IP filtering in the Options tab of the TCP/IP advanced properties in the user interface, you can apply the settings directly to the registry. Table 19-6 lists the registry values to configure TCP/IP filtering. TCP/IP filtering is set in the key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters, whereas the specific settings for each interface are configured in the key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\Interface_GUID.
The semi-strong form states that markets are efficient because of the rapid way that knowledge is dispersed in the Information Age. There is no denying that as information about companies, industries, and the economy arrives at the marketplace, prices reflect the quick assimilation of this new data. Transmitting information quickly, however, doesn t guarantee that the conclusions drawn are accurate. Rapidly transmitted information may suggest one picture, but a significantly different picture may emerge as the ideas are interpreted over time.
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