The ability to find and modify information in tactical stores. The ability to secure content according to an enterprise-wide security policy. The ability to ensure ISO, HIPPA, and other regulations are followed in tactical systems. Enforcing retention policies based on content usage, updates, and metadata. Enforcing records policies based on corporate classifications and legal processes. Implementing policies without disrupting users or business processes. The uniform and consistent application of policies across content stores.
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System Policy Manipulation of registry settings Roaming User Profiles (for Windows domains)
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Empowering All Decision Makers
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A Critical Choice: Wireless Middleware for Network-Agnostic Operation
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Application deployment SMS provides powerful, enterprise-class application deployment capabilities superior to those included in Windows Server 2003 Group Policy. Security patch management SMS provides powerful software update management capabilities superior to those included in Software Update Services and Windows Update Services. Asset management SMS provides detailed software and hardware inventory capabilities, as well as application usage reporting.
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Most of the time, you will need to do a cost-benefit analysis to determine the best way to do this integration. We cover that later in this chapter.
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updateAction() must read the selected record from the database, prepopulate a Web form with the field values currently stored in the database, and render this form to the user.
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Texas Utilities Co
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Not included are share permissions and any permissions based on how the user logs on. If you re viewing effective permissions remotely, membership in local groups and local privileges are not part of the formula for determining effective permissions.
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When you are presenting to a large audience, request that attendees respond using the chat tool, and respond to only a few key questions.
Chief Financial Officer P.O. Box 425 New York Times New York, NY 10000 Dear Chief Financial Officer: To maintain continued growth, a company must have financial and management professionals who are capable of identifying and seizing market opportunities before the competition does. My marketing savvy and management expertise can help you do just that. I possess a powerful commitment to task, a drive for excellence, and the ability to respond to customer needs. For example, in my current position I increased sales 74% by upgrading service efficiency, resulting in a 25% annual increase in profitability. I streamlined a branch outlet from ground zero, coordinating every aspect from recruitment to organizing and redefining office functions, thus achieving substantial cost reductions, greater efficiency, and increased market share. I reduced receivables from 115 days to 33 days, thereby improving cash flow 21%. This released enough working capital to enable the firm to expand into other markets. These achievements are certain to prove both valuable in and transferable to a range of firms. Because I am currently seeking to broaden my horizons, I eagerly await your reply so that we can arrange a personal meeting. Then we can discuss in greater detail how my particular blend of capabilities, experience, and managerial strengths can help your firm capture lucrative business opportunities. Sincerely,
Table 14-1 Option Back up migrated Remote Storage data
About the Program Compatibility Wizard
One of the primary goals behind Web content management is to make it easier for non-technical people to add and edit Web content. A blog, short for web log, is a great example of a Web site that is extremely easy to update and maintain. A blog is a simplified version of a Web page, designed to empower users to make rapid commentary of ideas or descriptions of events as they occur. They frequently support images, video, audio (sometimes called a Podcast), as well as multiple ways to submit content: via e-mail, text message, or simplified Web forms. The primary value of blogs is their simplicity: it takes very little effort to create and post a new article. This encourages people to update their sites more often, even if their prose is less than perfect. It also takes very little effort to create an entirely new blog site. Thus, when you begin a new project, you can quickly create a new blog for it and enable lightweight project management. Most blogs support comments threads, so your audience can make suggestions or add relevant tips. The proper use of blogs in the enterprise requires a blend of structured and unstructured content. For example, assume you are managing a very large project. You will no doubt be using tools that help you schedule time and resources. Your managers will need to use strict progress reports to monitor milestones and resource usage. Unfortunately, non-managers strongly dislike creating formal progress reports, especially when a project is behind schedule. They force your employees to shift gears, and direct their focus away from solving the problem, towards trying to communicate what the problem is. This context-shift reduces productivity more than most managers realize. If you simplify the problem down to a blog, it will be easier for your employees to do a quick brain dump and move on with solving the problem. Perhaps an employee discovered a trick on his project that might be useful on two current projects. If he mentions this in a daily progress report, it will go into the reporting system, probably never to be seen by his peers again. Perhaps instead he should just place it on his blog, which is more likely to be
Part IV:
Volunteer and Internship Experience
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