Install the analog modem (or make sure you have a modem installed) on the ICS computer you want to use to access the Internet. If you are installing an analog modem in the ICS computer for the first time, Windows XP Professional Plug and Play automatically detects and configures the analog modem. Open the Network Connections folder, and then double-click New Connection Wizard. The New Connection Wizard sets up the connection to your Internet service provider (ISP). Configure the connection by using the settings provided by your ISP. After the wizard has created the new connection to your ISP, Windows XP Professional adds a new icon for the connection in the Network Connections folder. Test the new Internet connection by connecting to your ISP and verifying that you can browse the World Wide Web. Check the configuration of the clients as described later in this section. Finally, verify the shared ICS connection by browsing the World Wide Web from one of the clients on the remote office intranet. Configuring an ICS computer with a DSL or cable modem connection In this configuration, the ICS computer connects to the Internet using a network adapter connected to a high-speed DSL or cable modem. The ICS computer connects to the other computers in the branch office s intranet using a second network adapter. The rest of the computers in the branch office connect to the local intranet using other network adapters. Figure 25-8 shows how an Internet connection is shared by using a DSL or cable modem connection.
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For more detailed information about configuring hardware resources for network adapters, see 9, Managing Devices. For more information about the preceding tools and configuring and troubleshooting networks, see Configuring TCP/IP on the companion CD and 24, Configuring IP Addressing and Name Resolution. Also, see the TCP/IP Core Networking Guide or the Internetworking Guide of the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit.
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4: Configuring Internet Connections
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Fatal Mistakes of a Cover Letter
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Much of this should be familiar to you from 3. This form contains a mixture of text input fields and selection lists, corresponding closely with the fields in the item database table created earlier in the chapter. All the fields use the HTMLEntities and StringTrim input filters, and many of them include input validators as well. In particular, notice the use of the Regex validator for validating names and telephone numbers using a custom pattern. As explained in 3, the form elements are organized into display groups for greater usability, and, in a few cases, custom error messages are used as well.
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Instruct participants to put a symbol (e.g., a raised hand or check mark) by their name when they are ready to answer one of your questions. Ask questions that can be answered via audio, chat, or writing on the electronic whiteboard. Request that participants construct summaries of new information, apply information in real-world scenarios, or answer what-if questions. Allow attendees time to think about the question.
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The two must-have printed pieces are letterhead and business cards. Use your letterhead for printing professional-looking invoices and additional promotional materials. Place business cards in every package you ship, and use them to promote your business in person-to-person situations. Be sure to choose quality paper and coordinating business cardstock. Carefully select the paper and ink colors to reflect your brand image. Be cautious of patterned or textured papers as they can detract from your logo or your contact information. Remember that your stationery has two purposes: To disperse your contact information to customers To further the consistency and strength of your eBay brand image
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Administrators, Account Operators, Backup Operators, Print Operators, Server Operators. Administrators on Domain Controllers. Administrators and Remote Desktop Users on workstations and stand-alone servers.
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The Windows XP Professional CD includes Remote Desktop Connection client software, which you can install on computers that are not running Windows XP Professional. You can connect using various types of client software based on the client computer s operating system and your organizational needs. Client software is available for a wide variety of hardware devices, including personal computers and Windows-based terminals. Remote Desktop Connection The Remote Desktop Connection tool connects your computer (the client computer) to another computer running Windows XP Professional that has Remote Desktop enabled (the remote computer). These computers can be located anywhere across the hall, across town, or across an ocean from each other provided you have network access from the client to the remote computer, and the appropriate permissions at the remote computer. The Remote Desktop Connection tool is installed by default when you install Windows XP Professional or Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition. You can also install this tool manually on a computer running Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me), Microsoft Windows NT, or Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional operating system. Tip Always download the latest version of Remote Desktop Connection software when installing on any version of Windows earlier than Windows XP. Go to the Microsoft Download Center (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads) and search for Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection software to find the latest version. To use Remote Desktop to connect to a remote Windows XP computer from an Apple Macintosh computer, search the Microsoft Download Center for Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac.
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Console Security
Calendar for Each Plan
Installing and Configuring Required Software
The Network Identification Wizard provides a simple interface for joining a Windows XP Professional based computer to a Windows NT domain, Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 domain, or a Windows XP Professional workgroup. To start the Network Identification Wizard 1. Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
Router A special-purpose device, computer, or software package that handles the connection between two
Users, Groups, and Security
MOBILE STATION LOCATION MANAGEMENT MS location management is the set of functions that stores, updates, and cancels the MS s (i.e., subscriber s) location. When the subscriber initially registers with the network, the current location is stored in the service profile record. As the subscriber moves from one serving area to another, the location is updated. The subscriber s location is canceled in the network when the subscriber is no longer considered active (for example, when the MS is turned off). When a VLR serves multiple MSCs, or when a system serves multiple markets, many levels of the MS s location resolution are possible (see Figure 5.7):
Part 3 Wireless Deployment Strategies
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