Parsing and Browsing XML in .NET

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On the Advanced tab, shown in Figure 4-6 on the next page, you can adjust additional hardware settings for the modem if necessary. Again, the standard settings are typically all you need, but the following list explains the settings in case you need to adjust them:
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Console applications can be much more complex than the Hello, World example shown here. In fact, they can have as rich a set of features as Windows applications. The only difference is that they don t have a graphical interface. For example, in corporate data centers, many applications execute all day and night, producing a large amount of data. It would be time-consuming and problematic to rely on people to verify the data. So, data centers are usually highly automated to facilitate this job; they use console applications that produce, manipulate, and verify the data in scripts or batch files.
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url = new URL("file:////c://xml//medicines//medicines. xml");
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Table 4-1 gives a brief description of these tables. To better understand how these tables are connected, take a look at Figure 4-3, which presents an entity-relationship diagram of the MySQL database in this chapter. Proceed to initialize the master tables with some records:
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Figure 6-2 Selling Manager Pro s e-mail interface features pull-down menus with e-mail options and click-and-send efficiency to save you time and effort.
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3: Network Connectivity
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from their computers. Notice that you have a toolbar of buttons on the left side of the Whiteboard window. If you don t see the toolbar, choose View, Tool Bar. Along the bottom of the Whiteboard window is a palette for choosing colors and a set of VCR-type controls for handling multiple pages of drawings. Table 8-2 defines these tools for you. Table 8-2. Whiteboard Buttons and Their Actions Button Name Action
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Part I:
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along. Writing reinforces the things you learn. It serves the dual purpose of conveying your brand to your customers while helping you continually refine your brand image.
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Workflow Instances
SharePoint antivirus program interacts with SharePoint, click Configure Antivirus Settings.
7 Wireless Standards and Technologies
Figure 4.2. Reading in and displaying an XML file. The browser application is a success[md]now we've created a rudimentary XML graphical browser. The code for this application,, appears in Listing 4.3, and the XML document it reads in, browser.xml, appears in Listing 4.4. Listing 4.3. import;
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Creating an Alert
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