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Note that we average by dividing by n 1 rather than n as you might expect. This is because there are only n 1 independent datapoints, not n, if you know x . That is, if you know n 1 of the values and you also know x , then the nth datapoint is determined. One problem using the variance as a measure of spread is that the units for the variance won t match the units of the original data because each difference is squared. For example, if you find the variance of a set of measurements made in inches, the variance will be in square inches. To correct this, we often take the square root of the variance as our measure of spread. The square root of the variance is known as the standard deviation. Symbolically, s= 1 n (xi x )2 . n 1 i 1
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The intserv architecture (RFC 1633)11 defines QoS services and reservation parameters to be used to obtain the required QoS for an Internet flow. RSVP (RFC 2205)4 is the signaling protocol used to convey these parameters from one or multiple senders toward a unicast or multicast destination. RSVP assigns QoS with the granularity of a single application s flows.12 The following list shows a snapshot of RSVP.
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Remote Disk and Command-Line Disk Management
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The file or directory filename is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the Chkdsk utility.
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MINING Franco-Nevada Mining Corp Ltd Mining Nov-01 May-93 Dec-96 Jun-01 Jun-00 Nov-99 Jul-94 Mar-96 Sep-93 Mar-98 Dec-94 Apr-94 May-93 Aug-00 Feb-00 Jun-97 Jul-96 Jun-00 Feb-90 Jun-98 Dec-97 Nov-95 Mining Mining Mining Mining Mining Mining Nov-95 Nov-97 Nov-97 Mar-92 Nov-95 Jan-94 Metal and Metal Products Mining Mining Mining Stone, Clay, Glass and Concrete Products Mining Mining Mining Commercial Banks, Bank Holding Companies Mining Mining Mining Mining Metal and Metal Products Mining Oil and Gas; Petroleum Refining Mining Mining Mining Mining Mining AMAX Inc Santa Fe Pacific Gold Corp Homestake Mining Co North Ltd Tarmac PLC Lac Minerals Ltd Hemlo Gold Mines Inc Anglo American-Selected Mining Parfinance SA English Coal Cerro Matoso SA (Royal Dutch/1) Billiton Intl-Certain Assets Rio Algom Ltd Comalco Ltd (Rio Tinto Ltd) Gencor-Nickel Division Arequipa Resources Ltd Battle Mountain Gold Co Freeport McMoRan Gold Co Connary Minerals PLC Plutonic Resources Ltd Gold Mines of Kalgoorlie PosGold (Normandy Mining Ltd) Western Areas Gold Mining Co Free State Consolidated Gold International Corona Corp Tilcon Holdings Ltd (Young) South Deep Exploration Co Ltd
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Localizing the Example Application
Table 12-7 Scenario Disk 0: 24-GB basic disk to be converted to dynamic C: 4-GB NTFS system volume (already created) D: 20-GB NTFS data volume (already created)
Separate a discussion into separate questions and assign each question to one of several groups. At the conclusion, conduct a group discussion that ties together the various groups contributions.
IN THIS CHAPTER Summary: Of the three states of matter gases, liquids, and solids gases are probably the best understood and have the best descriptive model. While studying gases in this chapter you will consider four main physical properties volume, pressure, temperature, and amount and their interrelationships. These relationships, commonly called gas laws, show up quite often on the AP exam, so you will spend quite a bit of time working problems in this chapter. But before we start looking at the gas laws, let s look at the Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases, the extremely useful model that scientists use to represent the gaseous state.
TABLE 12.3 Density and Vapor Density of the Lower Boiling Hydrocarbons Molecular weight Methane Ethane Propane Butane Pentane Hexane 16 30 44 58 72 86 Specific gravity 0.553 0.572 0.504 0.601 0.626 0.659 Vapor density air = 1 0.56 1.04 1.50 2.11 2.48 3.00
ECM as Middleware
Multi() Parameter Descriptions Specifies the drive controller number (also known as the ordinal number), typically 0. The first valid number is 0. This value is always 0 when the multi() syntax is used. Specifies a physical hard disk attached to drive controller W. For ATA controllers, this number is typically between 0 and 3. For SCSI controllers, this number is typically between 0 and 7, or 0 and 15, depending on the adapter type. The first valid number is 0. Specifies the partition number on the physical disk specified by parameter Y, attached to the controller specified by parameter W. All partitions in use are assigned a number. The first valid number is 1.
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