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By default, Windows Firewall blocks ICMP packets and doesn t respond to them. There are sound security reasons why this is a good idea, including the prevention of denial of service attacks that can flood a computer with so many ICMP packets that nothing else gets through, effectively knocking the computer off the network.
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tiguous portion of the DNS tree that is administered as a single separate entity by a DNS server. The zone contains resource records for all the names within the zone.
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The Computer Management tool (Compmgmt.msc) provides a predefined set of MMC snapins for performing common computer management tasks or gathering useful information about local or remote computers for troubleshooting. By using Computer Management, you can view information about the following:
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RTL descriptions are used for synchronous designs and describe the clock-by-clock behavior of the design. Following is an example of an RTL description that uses component instantiation:
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6.3.5 Estonia Oil shale was first scientifically researched in the eighteenth century. In 1838, work was undertaken to establish an opencast pit near the town of Rakvere and an attempt was made to obtain oil by distillation. Although it was concluded that the rock could be used as solid fuel and, after processing, as liquid or gaseous fuel, the kukersite (derived from the name of the locality) was not exploited until the fuel shortages created by World War I began to impact. The Baltic Oil Shale Basin is situated near the northwestern boundary of the East European Platform. The Estonia and Tapa deposits are both situated in the west of the Basin, the former being the largest and highest-quality deposit within the Basin. Since 1916, oil shale has had an enormous influence on the energy economy, particularly during the period of Soviet rule and then under the reestablished Estonian Republic. At a very early stage, an oil shale development program declared that kukersite could be used directly as a fuel in the domestic, industrial, or transport sectors. Moreover, it is easily mined and could be even more effective as a combustible fuel in power plants or for oil distillation. Additionally kukersite ash could be used in the cement and brick-making industries. Permanent mining began in 1918 and has continued until the present day, with capacity (both underground and opencast mining) increasing as demand rose. By 1955, oil shale output had reached 7 million metric tons and was mainly used as a power station/chemical plant fuel and in the production of cement. The opening of the 1400 MW Baltic Thermal
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Some drivers and services require that certain dependencies be met before they start. You can find dependencies listed under the DependOnGroup and DependOnService entries in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Services\servicename subkey for each service or driver. For more information about using dependencies to prevent or delay a driver or service from starting, see Temporarily Disabling Services later in this chapter. The Services subkey also contains information that affects how drivers and services are loaded, a few of which are listed in Table 29-5.
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to B2B. However, two fallacies occur in that kind of thinking. First, B2B requires a solid business model and good strategies. Large companies, such as IBM, Ford, GE, and GM are experts on building solid business strategies when they recognize an opportunity. Past failures were due to pride, not business planning. And the big companies recognize the profit potential of B2B. Once pride is overcome, these industry leaders can turn on a dime. The other issue with B2B involves the new technologies, such as the Web and XML. Again, many companies have been involved with the Internet for much of its 30-year lifetime, longer than the lifetime of dot-com employees. Although they may not have superior XML skills, these traditional companies may be able to leverage their SGML expertise to rocket up the XML learning curve. Many of the humble SGML experts are proficient programmers who pick up new technologies as rapidly as a linguist picks up new languages. A good C programmer with SGML experience can pick up Java in a couple of weeks and XML in a couple of hours of training. The dotcom startups don t have the years of application experience stored at the conventional companies. In fact, the biggest shot in the arm for XML came from the automotive industry with the announcement in February 2000 of the Covisint B2B collaboration among the Big Three automakers, Ford, GM, and DaimlerChrysler. Although many other B2B efforts were in progress, the $300 billion worth of products and services from the 30,000 automotive vendors really put B2B on the map. Before that announcement, both Ford and GM were working on separate B2B activities. In fact, Ford has announced a plan to become e-Ford, a virtual company that leverages digital transactions and integrates (rather than manufactures) automobiles, products, and services. Ford will still make cars, but it will outsource as much of the work as practical. If it works, an apt comparison will be that Ford is the Dell for cars. Established companies can take an exploratory approach to entering the B2B market, using a phased approach to learn quickly what works and what doesn t. Their advantage is that they do not put all of their products and services into one B2B basket, as the dot-com startups are forced to do. Established companies can fall back on their current business models if needed. And they can gradually transition more and more of their business from the conventional approach to an increasingly B2B approach. The point is that corporations should be planning to do B2B e-commerce
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frame.resize(400, 400);
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<street_1>The Tech Building</street_1> <street_2>555 5th Street</street_2> <city>Some City</city> <state>NJ</state> <zip>07665</zip> </address> <phone> <business>555-555-1212</business> <cell>555-555-5432</cell> <home>555-555-7678</home> <fax>555-555-9989</fax> </phone> <email>bsmith@mycompany.com</email> <account_number>6970654</account_number> </customer> </customers>
remote STP pair
Part II:
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