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One way that you can protect information contained on a laptop and protect account information stored on the laptop from being used to attack your organization s network if the computer is stolen is to prevent the operating system from loading. You can do this by using BIOS passwords or the Windows System Key feature (Syskey). Although different BIOS versions have different names for passwords, most BIOS versions on laptop computers have two types of passwords that you can install: boot passwords and setup passwords. Both password types are configured in the BIOS. A boot password prevents the BIOS from transferring control to the operating system installed on the hard drive or any other type of media, including bootable floppy disks and CDs, without entering the password. A boot password does not prevent a user or attacker from entering the BIOS configuration; however, in newer BIOS versions, you must enter the existing password to change the boot password. BIOS setup passwords prevent a user or attacker from entering the BIOS configuration and changing information stored in the BIOS, such as the boot password or the order of precedence for boot devices. There are only two ways to reset the BIOS setup password and boot password: by entering the existing password, or by clearing the CMOS. To clear the CMOS memory on a laptop, you must disassemble the laptop and remove the CMOS battery, which completely clears the
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that helps LANs and WANs achieve interoperability and connectivity, and can link LANs that have different network topologies (such as Ethernet and Token Ring). Routers match packet headers to a LAN segment and choose the best path for the packet, optimizing network performance. See also local area network (LAN); packet header; routing; Routing Information Protocol over IPX (RIPX); static routes; wide area network (WAN).
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Windows XP Professional Setup installed a generic driver that might be compatible with your device, but it does not fully support enhanced features. Many hardware manufacturers also provide tools that add value to their products, but they are not available in Windows XP Professional. Windows XP Professional Setup installs the basic feature set needed to enable your product to function. For additional software that enhances functionality or adds additional features, download the latest Windows XP Professional compatible drivers and tools from the manufacturer s Web site.
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The wrong network adapter is shared. An ICS host computer needs two connections. One connection, typically a network adapter, connects to the computers on the home (or small office) network and the other connection connects the home network to the Internet. Ensure that ICS is enabled on the connection that connects your home network to the Internet.
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It s a slightly risky question because politics has such a negative connotation. But the reality is that every organization is a political organization. The politics at family-owned companies is much different than the politics of large multinational companies. The issue is, with which are you more comfortable 8-50 What have I yet to learn about this company and opportunity that I still need to know A great open-ended question for the interviewer to elaborate on an important point you might not have considered.
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Appendix B
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Forest biomass or agricultural residues are almost completely comprised of lignocellulosic molecules (wood), a structural matrix that gives the tree or plant strength and form. This type of biomass is a prime feedstock for combustion, and indeed remains a major source of energy for the world today (FAO, 2005). The thermal conversion method utilizes pyrolysis and gasification processes to recover heat energy as well as the gaseous components of wood, known as synthesis which can then be refined into synthetic fuels (Chap. 7). Lignocellulose is a complex matrix combining cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin, along with a variable level of extractives. Cellulose is comprised of glucose, a six-carbon sugar, while hemicellulose contains both five- and six-carbon sugars, including glucose, galactose, mannose, arabinose, and xylose. The presence of cellulose and hemicellulose therefore makes lignocellulose a potential candidate for bioconversion. The ability of the bioconversion platform to isolate these components was initially limited, as the wood matrix is naturally resistant to decomposition. Recent advances, however, have made this process more commercially viable and there is added potential for value-added products that can utilize the lignin component of the wood. The most fundamental issues for the bioconversion platform include improving the effectiveness of the pretreatment stage, decreasing the cost of the enzymatic hydrolysis stage, and improving overall process efficiencies by capitalizing on synergies between various process stages. There is also a need to improve process economics by creating coproducts that can add revenue to the process. This type of application is a logical step on the path toward greater process efficiencies and increased energy self-generation. These types of systems could also provide surplus bioenergy, becoming an additional revenue stream. Greenhouse gas production associated with lignocellulosic-based feedstocks is anticipated to be much lower than with conventional fuels. The environmental performance depends very much on the specific life cycle of the fuel, including the feedstock on which the fuel is based and the technology employed (VIEWLS, 2005). The recent proliferation of global biofuel programs is due to several factors, not the least of which is high oil prices. Other factors, such as concern about (a) political instability in oil-exporting countries, (b) various countries seeking to bolster their agricultural industries, (c) climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions, and (d) urban air pollution are of equal importance depending upon the country under study. Continuing developments in biorefining technology have also brought greater attention to biofuels as a potentially large-scale and environmentally sustainable fuel. However, the potential benefits of biofuels will only be realized if environmentally sustainable technologies are employed. Under the correct stewardship, the technologies described above will make it possible to produce biofuels from agricultural and forestry wastes, as well as from nonfood crops such as switchgrass that can be grown on degraded lands (Bourne, 2007). Another potential benefit of biofuels is the role they could play in reducing the threat of global climate change. The transportation sector is responsible for about one-quarter of global energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, and that share is rising. Biofuels offer an option for reducing the demand for oil and associated transport-related warming emissions. However, the overall climate impacts of biofuels will depend upon several factors, the most important being changes in land use, choice of feedstock, and the various management practices. Nevertheless, the greatest potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions lies in the development of next-generation biofuel feedstocks and the associated technologies from conversion of these feedstocks to energy (Worldwatch Institute, 2006; Bourne, 2007).
Figure 11-16 Security specialist sample r sum
The most common fuels used for transportation in the United States are gasoline and diesel fuel, but there are several additional energy sources able to power motor vehicles. These include alcohols, electricity, natural gas, and propane. When vehicle fuels, because of physical or chemical properties, create less pollution than gasoline, they are known as clean fuels. Clean energy is produced from renewable energy sources (e.g., solar, wind, biomass, hydroelectric, and geothermal). Figure 17.1 shows world energy use from various sources.
that acidify the blood end up removing bicarbonate, and all processes that alkalinize the blood end up adding bicarbonate.
In addition to these policy settings, you can also expand User Configuration, Windows Settings, and Internet Explorer Maintenance. Figure 6-33 shows the Browser User Interface subfolder selected with a few maintenance categories appearing in the right pane.
A series of fields containing data on disk size, geometry variables, and the physical parameters of the volume. The BPB is located within the boot sector.
Wireless Networking
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