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vantage of the offer you ve made, or the advantages you ve promised. After all, if you re going to participate in the hiring process, you ve got to tell your reader how to reach you. Generally, this can be handled quickly and simply. This is not to suggest, however, that this part of your letter is unimportant. On the contrary, instructing is all too often overlooked or rushed through by jobhunters...and it s a shame. This step is as important as your opening. Why Because the likelihood that your correspondence will achieve the response you desire increases with each additional word, and with each additional line your reader reads. So if your reader is still with you at this point in your letter, chances are she s interested in you. Therefore, you want to get her while her interest level is high. What s more, the simpler it is to take the next step, the greater the chance is that the step will be taken. Therefore, you want to make your instructions easy to understand, and even easier to follow. To get the reader to respond to your letter, you ve got to tell the reader what to do, and be specific. Provide a complete address and telephone number at which you can be reached. State whether the phone number is a work or home number. If you prefer to be called during certain hours, say so. If confidentiality is an issue, ask your reader to maintain it when contacting you. If the next step is going to be yours, you ve got to tell the reader what to expect. Be equally specific about what you will do. Say when you ll follow up. Say how you ll follow up: by phone, by mail, by express mail, by messenger. Tell the reader what information you re enclosing with your letter, if any. If you ll be forwarding additional material, say when you will do so, or when it should arrive. Finally, the hiring process will stop RECRUITER S TIP dead in its tracks if you don t follow up as you have promised. So do. DON T PLAY You ll find examples of this vital step HARD TO GET! in virtually every sample letter in this book. Here are just a few: A strong letter can make your reader want to contact you imSamples of instructing. mediately. Don t miss this opportunity! Always position I I look forward to hearing from you. your telephone number so that My address and telephone numbers the reader can t miss it. Place it: are listed above.
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Mesosphere (90 km)
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Manually log in to the test computers and install the software updates by using Windows Update or Microsoft Update. Configure the test computers to automatically download and install updates by using Automatic Updates. Download the updates from the Windows Catalog on the Windows Update Web site, and selectively deploy them to the test computers by using the Software Installation and Maintenance feature of Group Policy or via login scripts. Use multiple SUS servers to perform a phased rollout, as discussed in the Creating a Test Lab section of this chapter. Use WUS or SMS to target the deployment of the software updates to the test computers without affecting the rest of the network.
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Wireless Bridges
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Rapid Review
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The first step in creating a disaster recovery plan is to identify the risks to your business and the costs associated with those risks. The risks vary from the simple deletion of a critical file to the total destruction of your place of business and its computers. To properly prepare for a disaster, you need to perform a realistic assessment of the risks, the potential costs and consequences of each disaster scenario, the likelihood of any given disaster scenario, and the resources available to address the risks. Risks that seemed vanishingly remote a few years ago are now part of our everyday life. Identifying risks is not a job for only one person. As with all the tasks associated with a disaster recovery plan, all concerned parties must participate. There are two important reasons for this: you want to make sure that you have commitment and buy-in from the parties concerned, and you also want to make sure you don t miss anything important. No matter how carefully and thoroughly you try to identify the risks, you ll miss at least one. You should always account for that missing risk by including an unknown risk item in your list. Treat it just like any other risk: identify the resources available to address it and develop countermeasures to take should it occur. The difference with this risk, of course, is that your resources and countermeasures are somewhat more generic, and you can t really test your response to the risk, because you don t yet know what it is. Start by trying to list all the possible ways that your system could fail. Solicit help from everyone with a stake in the process. The more people involved in the brainstorming, the more ideas you ll get and the more prevention and recovery procedures you can develop and practice. Be careful at this stage in the process to not dismiss any idea or concern as trivial, unimportant, or unlikely.
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2+ 3+ Fe and Fe 2+ Cu 2+ Cr 3+ Cr 2+ Mn 2+ Ni 2+ Co MnO4 2 CrO4 2 Cr2O7
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<p><NOTE ID="Note3">Note 3</NOTE> Thunderstorms are fun.</p>
, B. and S. D. Peteves: Status and Perspectives of Biomass-to-Liquid Fuels in the European Union, European Commission. Directorate General or Energy, Petten, The Netherlands, 2005.
Wireless Mobility
15. Don t Ask Questions That Are Irrelevant to the Job or Organization
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