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The over-the-air activation teleservice (OATS) is an application-layer protocol defined specifically for TDMA-based networks. OATS is the teleservice that uses the SMS transport protocol to send the specific NAM parameters to be programmed to the mobile station (see 13 for more details on SMS). OATS is identified as the peer-to-peer teleservice by a specific teleservice ID that is sent within the ShortMessageDeliveryPointToPoint (SMDPP) operation. The NAM parameters to be programmed are encapsulated within the SMS_BearerData parameter sent within the SMDPP message. The NAM parameters that can be sent via OATS include the following:
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Whether an issue stems from a hardware or software problem, you need a reliable troubleshooting plan. Guesswork and random solutions are unreliable and often unsuccessful. An effective troubleshooting plan starts with gathering information, observing symptoms, and doing research.
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Fixed wireless is an Internet access option that is still maturing, but it is currently available in select metropolitan markets from a few providers. Fixed wireless uses a modem similar to a DSL modem that plugs into a computer s NIC or USB port, or a network hub. The modem then connects to a rooftop antenna. The rooftop antenna transmits and receives Internet content from a central antenna, which can be up to 30 or 40 miles away. Currently, download speeds can be as high as 3 5 Mbps with upload speeds of about 80 120 Kbps. This wireless connection operates at a high frequency that requires an unobstructed line-of-sight view between the rooftop and central antennas. Also, because it s a shared connection, it can suffer from impaired performance if too many people draw on the service at once, similar to the problems that can occur with cable Internet connections. This type of Internet connection might not be readily available in your area, but it is one to keep an eye on as Internet connection technologies continue to develop. You can learn more about fixed wireless by searching for fixed wireless on popular computer Web sites, such as and
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Note that in an option, you the buyer are not committed to purchase. It s at your discretion. The seller, however, is committed to sell. He or she must go through with the transaction, IF you execute your option. Why would a seller agree to such a thing Cash! Remember, you usually put up some option money, which the seller gets to keep if you don t eventually make the purchase. The term of the option is likewise negotiable. Usually they run from 30 days to six months or longer. When ipping a house, a term of 30 to 90 days would not be uncommon.
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Real estate very rarely explodes upward in value or crashes downward. In other words, there are seldom any true bubbles. When prices go up, they tend to go up over time as each price increase builds on the last. When they turn down, many sellers convert their properties to rentals, take their homes off the market, or make other arrangements. Rather than crash, the market tends to slow down and prices slowly drift lower. The media tends to exaggerate the market s direction, whether up or down. If the market has been high for awhile, expect the media to construct a bubble that it will say is ready to burst. If it s been low for a time, expect the media to see trends of upward movement. Just because the media announces it, that doesn t make it true. Look at the affordability index for the country and your state. The National Association of Realtors ( offers a national affordability index. It tells you how much house the median income family can afford. Whenever the index is over 100, it usually means housing is still fairly affordable, no matter what the media says. When it s below 100, watch out. Housing may have become unaffordable and the market likely will be forced to slow down. Also check newspapers, which usually report affordability indices for your state and local area. Check interest rates. The real estate market is very interest rate sensitive. The reason is that most people get large mortgages, and interest rates affect their monthly payments. When interest rates are low or dropping, it means more people will be able to afford bigger mortgages, and consequently, more expensive houses, causing prices to rise. When interest rates are rising, the opposite is true. The real estate market rarely turns down when interest rates are falling. It rarely maintains high levels of sales when interest rates are rising.
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Dominion Resources Inc
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An entity may refer to a block of text, an external file, an alias name, or other forms of referencing. The parser processes some entities. These are referred to as parsed entities. Other entities are not parsed and are called unparsed entities. Parsed and unparsed entities are identified by the absence or presence of a special character in the entity declaration. If the entity contains <, , &, , , or #, then characters following the special character and up to the next whitespace character (i.e., space) are not parsed. All other characters are parsed. You can create your own unparsed characters within the document type definition. Here s how you do it. Suppose you want to use NJ as an alias name for New Jersey so that you can use &NJ wherever you want New Jersey to appear in an XML document and have the parser replace &NJ with New Jersey during processing. First you need to declare NJ as an unparsed element in the DTD using the following code:
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EXHIBIT 3-3 40 Years of Growth and Value Annualized Return 1962 2002 Small growth Large growth Small value Large value 7.7% 9.8% 17.4% 13.7% Annualized Standard Deviation 24.4% 16.7% 18.7% 15.4% 1973 74 Return 62.6% 44.6% 41.0% 26.2% Worst 12-Month Loss 50.6% 45.8% 34.4% 30.2%
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Table C-2 Recovery Feature Last Known Good Configuration
33. Save all open files, and compile the solution by pressing F6 or selecting Build Solution from Visual Studio s Build menu. 34. To execute the application, press F5 if you built a debug version or Shift+F5 if you built a release version. Slide the trackbar up and down, which simulates the filling and emptying of the tank, and watch the label below the tank change as you exceed or fall below the boundary conditions for the tank. Note
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The Zend_Navigation container also exposes various methods for interacting with the pages contained within it. In particular, it exposes the findBy() search method, which can be used to retrieve all pages matching specific criteria. Consider the following example, which illustrates this:
The VSEPR theory is only one way in which the molecular geometry of molecules may be determined. Another way involves the valence bond theory. The valence bond theory describes covalent bonding as the mixing of atomic orbitals to form a new kind of orbital, a hybrid orbital. Hybrid orbitals are atomic orbitals formed as a result of mixing the atomic orbitals of the atoms involved in the covalent bond. The number of hybrid orbitals formed is the same as the number of atomic orbitals mixed, and the type of hybrid orbital formed depends on the types of atomic orbital mixed. Figure 11.7 shows the hybrid orbitals resulting from the mixing of s, p, and d orbitals.
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