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When buying into a co-op, expect to have a meeting before the board in which you will have to show why you would be nancially capable of being a good owner. Although discrimination based on gender, race, ethnic background, medical problems, or other similar concerns is prohibited, nonetheless, some boards have discriminated. Thus buying and later reselling your unit is potentially made harder.
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Calculator Tip: It s a bit of a digression, but if you actually wanted to do the experiment in question 1, you would need to have an efficient way of counting the number of each outcome. You certainly don t want to simply scroll through all 500 entries and tally each one. Even sorting them first and then counting would be tedious (more so if n were bigger than 4). The easiest way is to draw a histogram of the data and then TRACE to get the totals. Once you have your 500 values from randBin in L1, go to STAT PLOTS and set up a histogram for L1. Choose a WINDOW something like [ 0.5,4.5,1, 1,300,1,1]. Be sure that Xscl is set to 1. You may need to adjust the Ymax from 300 to get a nice picture on your screen. Then simply TRACE across the bars of the histogram and read the value of n for each outcome off of the screen. The reason for having x go from 0.5 to 4.5 is so that the (integer) outcomes will be in the middle of each bar of the histogram.
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Performing Advanced Tasks
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Source: America s Network, May 15, 1998.
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Yes Query NetBIOS. Resolution successful
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8. Which of the following statements is (are) correct I. A condition for using a 2 test is that most expected values must be at least 5 and that all must be at least 1. II. A 2 test for goodness of fit tests the degree to which a categorical variable has a specific distribution. III. Expected cell counts are computed in the same way for goodness of fit tests and tests of independence. a. I only b. II only c. I and II only d. II and III only e. I, II and III
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Figure 10-8 Output of synthesis process.
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Part III:
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doTree(d.getRoot(), "");
MC 68000 (8 MHz) [68,000 transistors] StrongARM (Newton MessagePad 2100) [2.5 million transistors] SGI Indy-R4400 [2.3 million transistors] PowerPC 604e (300 MHz) [5 million transistors] PowerPC G3 (750/300 MHz) [6.4 million transistors] Pentium II [7.5 million transistors] SGI Octane R10000 [6.8 million transistors]
Korn shell (ksh) A command shell that pro-
ralphemerson@hotmail.com 435-888-9090 (home)
1233 Elm Street, New York, NY
Figure 9-8. Manage how the default documents are served to clients on the Documents tab.
The basic unit of organization in an Active Directory network is the domain. A domain is a logical grouping of users and computers for administrative and security purposes. Notice that the term logical is used. The design of the domain is based on administration and security issues, not where the computers are physically located. In fact, a domain can hold computers located in one physical building, distributed across a corporate campus, or even spread out around the world. In the following illustration, the domain exists in a single office building. Domain controllers and other necessary servers reside at the same location and service the needs of clients. One or more administrators manage the network.
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information and resources. For example, suppose you have a home network with two computers. Networking those computers together allows them to share files on a hard disk drive, an Internet connection, and even hardware, such as printers and CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives. In larger environments, the ability to share information and resources is even more critical.
Then we can call doTree() again to handle the character data enclosed in this element: void doTree(Element elem)
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