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March 2
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File transfers. This enables the novice and the expert to send or receive files.
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Overview of Telephony and Conferencing
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Connecting Remote Offices
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July 99
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Figure 9-2
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If the customer data is considered sufficiently sensitive that it must be protected against snooping even from within the service provider network, IPSec or similar cryptographic techniques must be applied to the VPN data before it enters the service provider network. In this case, the customer retains responsibility for distributing the cryptographic keys. When a VPN is served by more than one service provider, the service providers may choose to use IPSec-based tunnels to carry the VPN traffic between their networks on the public IP network if a direct MPLS connection between the service providers is not available. In this case, the service providers are responsible for distributing cryptographic keys.
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Sun Microsystems Compaq Intel Ananova SMC Urban Salon Woodman Construction Management Panja Echelon Navaho Technologies Nuance Dyson Cobalt Networks ILOG Hitatchi America Unisys IT Solutions WDS BearBox Fast Systems Royal Auping Seachanger Viessmann Movement Control Systems Black Box Telematics Tunturi Gaggenau Eco-Logic Solar Century Friendly Robotics Volvo
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See 1, Planning Deployments, for information on planning installation, and 2, Automating and Customizing Installations, for information about automating the deployment of standard configurations using answer files, Remote Installation Services (RIS), and SysPrep.
adopted by Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft, and you ll find links to more information about this protocol at the end of this chapter. Here s an example of how to use this helper in a view script:
Adding a new drive or partition to Windows Small Business Server is straightforward. First, obviously, you need to physically install and connect the drive. If you have a hot-swappable backplane and array, you don t even have to shut the system down to accomplish this task. If you re using conventional drives, however, you need to shut down and power off the system.
Table C-6 Tool Bootcfg (Bootcfg.exe) Boot logging Dependency Walker (Depends.exe) Device Manager DirectX Diagnostic Tool (Dxdiag.exe)
Function Inter-MSC circuit management Inter-MSC circuit reset Inter-MSC circuit testing
session, the local desktop is locked. This is done to prevent other users from interacting with the user s workstation directly. In other words, if you are accessing your office computer from home, no one in the office can use your computer interactively while you are remotely connected; in fact, even when you re done, a user will have to unlock the desktop with a valid user name and password in order to use the computer interactively. While you re connected, however, the computer s network services, such as file and print sharing and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), continue to function normally.
URL url = null;
Figure 10-11.
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