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The next step is to load in an XML document, and to do that, we'll need an MSXML Document object.
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The Future: Public Networking, Hybrid Wireless Voice & Data
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static String filename;
The following features and tools provide additional graphics capabilities, diagnostics, and information about using DirectX.
Tools for Troubleshooting Multilingual Issues
A solution could be prepared by dissolving a known amount of solute in a volumetric flask and diluting to volume. The course of the titration could be followed with an acid base indicator instead of a pH meter.
The number and type of permissions that are available for any object depend on the security context of the object. For example, the following permissions are available for folders on NTFS partitions:
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Figure 2-7.
Sr. Software Engineer, Janus, Inc., Woodland Hills, CA
enhances this monitoring capability by keeping a past record of events that can be used for fault diagnosis, performance tuning, and network planning. The original RMON MIB defines a framework for the remote monitoring of Ethernet. Subsequent RMON MIBs extend this framework to token ring and other types of networks.1 An RMON probe is installed on at least one remote system for each remote LAN or segment to be monitored, whether it is wired or wireless (802.11a and 802.11b). The probe views every packet and produces summary information on various types of packets, such as undersized packets, and events, such as packet collisions. The probes can also capture packets according to predefined criteria set by the network manager or test technician. At any time, the RMON probe can be queried for this information by
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Methods for routing signaling information about roaming subscribers. Methods for the networks to settle accounting and billing information. Methods for recording call details to support accounting and billing. Methods for handling toll calls (i.e., use of interexchange carriers for calls). Methods for handling fraud (i.e., responsibility for and methods to avoid lost revenue due to roamer fraud).
10.1 10.2 10.3 10.4 History / 297 Composition and Properties / 301 Energy from Wood / 304 Fuels From Wood / 306 10.4.1 Gaseous Fuels / 307 10.4.2 Liquid Fuels / 310 10.4.3 Solid Fuels / 313
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