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fore the employer has expressed an interest in you. Rather, wait until you have indications of real interest from the employer. The interviewer will eventually ask you a question such as, Are there any other issues we should know about before taking the next step It s at that point you can more safely bring up the issues you have in mind. In other words, be sure that the question you ask doesn t raise barriers or objections. For example: Is relocation a necessary part of the job The very question raises doubts about your willingness to relocate. Even if the person selected for the position is not tracked for relocation, the negativity of the question makes the hiring manager wonder whether you are resistant in other areas as well. If the issue of relocation is important to you, by all means ask, but go with a phrasing that reinforces your flexibility, not challenges it: I m aware that relocation is often required in a career and I am prepared to relocate for the good of the company as necessary. Could you tell me how often I might be asked to relocate in a five- or ten-year period Here are a few more examples of self-limiting questions and the comments of recruiters who fielded them: Is job-sharing a possibility Possibly, but does this mean you can t give us a commitment for fulltime work Can you tell me whether you have considered the incredible benefits of telecommuting for this position Why do you want to get out of the office before you have even seen it I understand that employee paychecks are electronically deposited. Can I get my paycheck in the old-fashioned way You are already asking for exceptions. What s next And are you afraid of technology I won t have to work for someone with less education than I have, will I
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Security Process for Accessing a Network Resource
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Table 7-1
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Figure 7-8 Exception Assistant
diskpart /s createpart.txt format g: /fs:ntfs
catch (java.io.IOException ex) {
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