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Different species of Euphorbia of family Euphorbiaceae serve as the petroplants that have the potential to be a renewable substitute for the conventional petroleum sources. Latex of Euphorbia lathyrus contains fairly high percentage of terpenoids. These can be converted into high grade transportation fuel. Similarly the carbohydrates (hexoses) from such plants can be used for ethanol formation. Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum, family Gramineae) is the main source of raw material for sugar industry. The wastes from sugar industry include bagasse, molasses, and press mud. After extracting the cane juice for sugar production, the cellulosic fibrous residue that remains is called bagasse. It is used as the raw material (biomass) and processed variously for the production of fuel, alcohols, single cell protein as well as in paper mills. Molasses is an important by-product of sugar mills and contains 50 to 55 percent fermentable sugars. One ton of molasses can produce about 280 L of ethanol. Molasses is used for the production of animal feed, liquid fuel, and alcoholic beverages. Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris, family Chenopodiaceae) is yet another plant which contains a high percentage of sugars stored in fleshy storage roots. It is also an important source for production of sugar as well as ethanol. Raising crops like sugarcane, sugar beet, tapioca, potato, maize etc. purely for production of ethanol is described as energy cropping, and the crops are called energy crops. Cultivation of plants (trees) for obtaining fuel/firewood is described as energy plantation. Other plants, such as Euphorbiaceae plants like Euphorbia lathyris, milkweed (Asclepia speciosa), and the tree legume (Copaifera multijuga), produce hydrocarbons which can be converted into and used as diesel, called biodiesel (Table 9.1). In addition, some freshwater and marine algae are also known to accumulate hydrocarbons. Some algae like Chlamydomonas and anaerobic bacteria like Clostridium produce hydrogen gas, which can be used as a pollution free fuel. Long-term research efforts are needed to develop these organisms as sources of bioenergy. The euphorbeans and milkweeds can be grown in relatively dry environments on lands not suited for crop production; this makes them highly attractive sources of biofuels. The Euphorbias are relatives of plants used to produce rubber; they produce a latex, which has about 30 percent hydrocarbons emulsified in water. However, hydrocarbons, as such, are not usually produced from crops, there being insufficient amount of the hydrocarbons present in the plant tissue to make the process economic. However, biodiesel is produced from crops thereby offering an excellent renewable fuel for diesel engines.
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To see if the CD drive is connected to the sound card 1. Plug the speakers or headphones into the audio jack on the face of the CD drive. 2. If you can hear sound, check the internal or external audio connection between the CD drive and the sound card.
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EXHIBIT 12-2 Actively Managed, Large-Cap Mutual Fund Performance, 1965 through 1982 Annualized Performance Dow Jones Industrial Average S&P 500 Average of 47 mutual funds 5.7% 7.1% 10.2% Growth of $100,000 $271,214 $344,332 $577,265
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Find the Right House in the Right Area at the Right Price
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If you specify multiple input languages for the InputLocale and InputLocale_DefaultUser keys, the first value specified will be set as the default for that particular user. In the following example, the InputLocale will set German - German as the default input language for the current user while also making German - Swiss German available as an input language.
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Account policies. Local policies.
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To create passwords for specific local accounts when you are upgrading from Windows 98 or Windows Me
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Room Temperature
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Automating and Customizing Installations
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Corporations will share data by using XML documents, so applications and data formats can be separate issues. The interapplication communication will be XML based. And the data in the documents will be processed as if the data resided in a relational database. In the early stages of XML development, XML consultants might come in and translate legacy data and document to an XML format.
Part 1: Windows XP Networking
FIGURE 10.1 Wood fuel balance scheme from supply source to end user.
Desktop Management
Text input field Hidden field Password field Radio button Check box Group of related check boxes Selection list (single) Selection list (multiple) Text input field File input field Image Button Unique string (for session identification) CAPTCHA (for spam filtering) Reset button Submit button
Network hardware can be expensive, but there are also many prepackaged home networking kits that sell for under $100. If you want to set up a small wireless network, you might need to spend anywhere from $200 to $500. There are several options, so be sure to explore 3 if you are about to create a home or small office network to make sure you have considered all of the options available to you.
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