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and long product development cycles meant that improved solutions were often more than two years away. However, to understand the wireless security issues, one needs to understand the wireless market itself. Owing to the various powerful parties involved, views and attitudes on security vary considerably, meaning that future security solutions will require compromise between these players. The wireless value chain (for example, those vendors that compose the wireless market) can be divided into five different sectors. Some vendors operate in multiple sectors and some firms are almost 100 percent wireless focused, whereas others trace their roots to traditional wired networking products. Table 1-4 contrasts the different players in the wired and wireless worlds.
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G ICF does not protect you from viruses or worms. Downloaded viruses,
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Alcohol: The family name of a group of organic chemical compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The molecules in the series vary in chain length and are composed of a hydrocarbon plus a hydroxyl group. Alcohol includes methanol and ethanol. Alkylation: A process for manufacturing high-octane blending components used in unleaded petrol or gasoline. Anaerobic digestion: Decomposition of biological wastes by microorganisms, usually under wet conditions, in the absence of air (oxygen), to produce a gas comprising mostly methane and carbon dioxide. Annual removals: The net volume of growing stock trees removed from the inventory during a specified year by harvesting, cultural operations, such as, timber stand improvement, or land clearing. API gravity: A measure of the lightness or heaviness of petroleum that is related to density and specific gravity. API = (141.5/specific gravity @ 60 F) 131.5 Aromatics: A range of hydrocarbons which have a distinctive sweet smell and include benzene and toluene. These occur naturally in petroleum and are also extracted as a petrochemical feedstock, as well as for use as solvents. Asphaltene (asphaltenes): The brown to black powdery material produced by treatment of petroleum, heavy oil, bitumen, or residuum with a low-boiling liquid hydrocarbon.
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Component Instantiation
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Business Intelligence Publisher
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Customize Your Store Appearance to Build Your Brand
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Basic Intersystem Handoff Functions
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Create a Distribution Folder
Action controller
The Follow-Up Letter
Key Areas to Highlight
Certificate and Public Key Storage
Network Access Server (NAS)
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