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The ideal gas equation has the mathematical form of PV = nRT, where: P = pressure of the gas in atm, torr, mm Hg, Pa, etc. V = volume of the gas in L, mL, etc. n = number of moles of gas R = ideal gas constant: 0.0821 L atm/K mol T = Kelvin temperature This is the value for R if the volume is expressed in liters, the pressure in atmospheres, and the temperature in kelvin (naturally). You could calculate another ideal gas constant based on different units of pressure and volume, but the simplest thing to do is to use the 0.0821 and convert the given volume to liters and the pressure to atm. And remember that you must express the temperature in kelvin. Let s see how we might use the ideal gas equation. Suppose you want to know what volume 20.0 g of hydrogen gas would occupy at 27 C and 0.950 atm. You have the pressure in atm, you can get the temperature in kelvin (27 C + 273 = 300.K), but you will need to convert the grams of hydrogen gas to moles of hydrogen gas before you can use the ideal gas equation. Also, remember that hydrogen gas is diatomic, H2. First you ll convert the 20.0 g to moles: (20.0 g/l) (1 mol H2/2.016 g) = 9.921 mol H2 (We re not worried about significant figures at this point, since this is an intermediate calculation.) Now you can solve the ideal gas equation for the unknown quantity, the volume. PV = nRT V = nRT/P Finally, plug in the numerical values for the different known quantities: V = (9.921 mol)(0.0821 L atm/K mol) (300.K)/0.950 atm V = 257 L Is the answer reasonable You have almost 10 mol of gas. It would occupy about 224 L at STP (10 mol 22.4 L/mol) by Avogadro s relationship. The pressure is slightly less than standard pressure of 1 atm, which would tend to increase the volume (Boyle s law), and temperature is greater than standard temperature of 0 C, which would also increase the volume (Charles s law). So you might expect a volume greater than 224 L, and that is exactly what you found. Remember, the final thing you do when working any type of chemistry problem is answer the question: Is the answer reasonable
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Identify objectives and set expectations
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RE: Your City Times ad for a Registered Nurse
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TCP/IP networks are divided into different portions called subnets. Depending on the client s IP address, the client belongs to a certain IP class and a certain default subnet. The subnet mask helps computers know which part of the IP address refers to the network ID and which part of the address is used to refer to the clients. The subnet mask is another 32-bit, dotted-decimal number that is combined mathematically (in binary form) with the IP address. The result identifies the network ID. A subnet mask is assigned along with each IP address.
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In the default Setup configuration, a Windows XP Professional based computer is a member of a workgroup called WORKGROUP. You can change workgroup membership by logging on to an account that has administrative permissions. You can also enable your Windows XP Professional based computer to manually join a Windows workgroup. Warning
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lishing a common shared interface for Microsoft operating systems to support protocol-independent transport of multiple network transport protocols (such as TCP/IP, NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, and AppleTalk). NDIS allows more than one transport protocol to be bound and to operate simultaneously over a single network adapter. See also Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX); Internetwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange (IPX/SPX); NetBIOS Extended User Interface (NetBEUI); Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
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6. C The balanced equation is:
On remote computers, quotas can ensure the following:
age the assignment of rights to groups and user accounts. See also group; user account; user rights.
Chemical Weathering
Part 6
are flowing through the wire they can do useful work, like powering a calculator or a pacemaker. Electrochemical cells use indirect electron transfer to produce electricity by a redox reaction, or they use electricity to produce a desired redox reaction.
The Focus Stage
Tip: Reduce the amount of bells and whistles on your eBay listings and
Process Execution
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