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Domain Controller The main computer in the Windows Small Business Server domain is the domain controller. In most Windows Small Business Server domains, the domain controller will be the only server. It hosts Active Directory and all components of Windows Small Business Server, as well as acts as the file and print server for the domain. All computers in the domain must authenticate to the domain controller, and all domain security is controlled by it. Member Servers In some larger domains, additional Windows Server 2003 computers might be in the domain. These computers can be used to spread some of the network s resource load around so that the domain controller doesn t carry the whole load, and they can even be the Exchange or SQL Server host if you buy separate, stand-alone versions of these products. Unfortunately, the bundling and licensing of Windows Small Business Server 2003 allows the installation of the Windows Small Business Server CD versions on only the main Windows Small Business Server computer. Workstations or Clients All the clients of a Windows Small Business Server network must be running Windows 95 or later, but in most networks they will be running Windows XP Professional. For this book, we assume that Windows XP Professional is the client operating system. If we need to talk about earlier versions of Windows, we ll clarify that for you.
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2: Internet Networking
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information about users, computer files, or other objects. In a file system, a directory stores information about files. In a distributed computing environment (such as a Windows domain), the directory stores information about objects such as printers, fax servers, applications, databases, and other users. See also domain.
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Ionic and Covalent Bonding
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Certified Help Desk Professional, STI Knowledge CompTIA A+, New Horizons, Atlanta, GA 2005 2004
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When bringing unstructured services to structured applications, you should almost always integrate strategically. Your ECM system should act as the single source of truth for unstructured content in all your structured applications, as discussed in the following sections. The best option is to integrate content services directly into your enterprise applications. In some cases, the best option is to integrate the strategic ECM repository directly with the structured application. However, in many cases the best solution would be to use middleware to host the blended application. When bringing structure to unstructured application, the question is more difficult. A strategic integration would mean that you would need to extend the back-end of your ECM infrastructure to integrate with structured data and services. This is ideal when those services should be considered a natural extension of what a content item is, such as ratings, user-suggested keywords, or recommendations. Remember, the goal is a single source of truth to support your unstructured content needs. You want dozens of enterprise applications to connect to one single repository to get all information about that item. If practical, you should store this structured data in the unstructured repository, so access to the enhanced data is fast and easy. In other cases, the strategic ECM system should be an invisible proxy to the structured system. This means that when an end user requests information about a content item, the ECM system returns what information it has, then connects to the structured system to access additional information, and returns the entire bundle to the end user. When extracting structure from unstructured content, your integration will almost certainly be strategic. This functionality is a natural extension of what ECM is, and where many ECM systems will be going in the future. Therefore, any technology along these lines should have a tight integration with your strategic ECM system, and may someday be bundled with it.
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TTESTDISC [circuit #1]
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Tip 1 The Terrible Offer
The computer starts. A user logs on.
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