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Table 7-2 SIP/H.323 Protocol Comparison
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Low Value
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The YUI calendar widget in action
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Figure 11-9
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Zend Framework: A Beginner s Guide
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ultimately to become the most popular North American standard for wireless communication.
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Wireless Mobility
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place concurrently and consecutively. Gaseous emissions are predominantly a product of pyrolitic cracking of the fuel. If flames are present, fire temperatures are high, and more oxygen is available from thermally induced convection. In some of the most efficient burners, the temperature of the smoke is raised to a much higher temperature where the smoke will itself burn. This may result in significant reduction of smoke hazards while also providing additional heat from the process. By using a catalytic converter, the temperature for obtaining cleaner smoke can be reduced. Some U.S. jurisdictions prohibit sale or installation of stoves that do not incorporate catalytic converters. Most of the nonhousehold fuel wood consumption in developing countries is in commercial and industrial activities such as crop drying, tea processing, and tobacco curing, as well as the brick and ceramic industries. Fuel wood consumption by these sectors is smaller than that in households; nevertheless, it cannot be overlooked, as it can constitute 10 to 20 percent of fuel wood use, as seen in some Asian countries. In Africa, it is estimated that consumption of wood fuels in industry accounted for about 9.5 percent of the total in 1994. In developed countries, fuel wood uses for electricity and heat generation at industrial sites or in municipal district heating facilities are rapidly rising as a substitute for fossil fuels. The most commonly known solid fuel produced from wood is charcoal, but there are other sources such as coconut shells and crop residues. Charcoal is produced in kilns by a process called pyrolysis, that is, breaking down the chemical structure of wood under high temperature in the absence of air. During the process, first the water is driven from the wood (drying), and then the pyrolysis starts when the temperature in the kiln is high enough. When the pyrolysis is complete, the kiln gradually cools down, after which the charcoal can be removed from the kiln. Because some of the wood is burned to drive off the water, dry wood produces better charcoal at a higher efficiency. Typically, approximately two-thirds of the energy is lost in the process, but charcoal has advantages over fuel wood like stoves with higher efficiency, higher convenience, and easier distribution. The oldest and probably still the most widely used method for charcoal production is the earth kiln. Two varieties exist, the earth pit kiln and the earth mound kiln. An earth pit kiln is constructed by first digging a small pit in the ground. Then the wood is placed in the pit and lit from the bottom, after which the pit is first covered with green leaves or metal sheets and then with earth to prevent complete burning of the wood. The earth mound kiln is built by covering a mound or pile of wood on the ground with earth. The mound is preferred over the pit where the soil is rocky, hard or shallow, or the water table is close to the surface. Mounds can also be built over a long period, by stacking gathered wood in position and allowing it to dry before covering and burning. Earth kilns can be made at minimal cost, and are often used near wood resources, since they can be made entirely from local materials. Earth kilns can be made in any size, with the duration of the process ranging from 3 days to 2 months. Gross variations in the quality of the charcoal can occur, because in one batch some of the wood is burned and some of the wood is only partly carbonized. Efficiencies are generally low, around 10 to 20 percent by weight and 20 to 40 percent in energy terms. The efficiency and the quality varies depending on the construction of the kiln (e.g., walls can be lined with rocks or bricks and external chimneys can be used), and the monitoring of the carbonization process. Several other types of charcoal kilns have been developed, which generally have higher efficiencies but also require higher investments than the earth kiln. Two often-used types are fixed kilns made of mud, clay, bricks, and portable steel kilns. Fixed kilns usually have a beehive shape. Smaller beehives are usually made of mud and are not very durable. Larger beehives are made of bricks and have external chimneys. Beehive kilns have an opening for loading the wood and unloading the charcoal, which is closed after loading.
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For small groups of computers and resources, workgroups are usually easier to manage and maintain than a larger domain environment, which is discussed in the next section. They can also be less expensive because servers and server software are not needed. However, businesses might soon outgrow the workgroup model and have to turn to a Windows domain environment. With a domain comes much more power, control, and yes, complexity.
That's all we need, now our program is ready to run. When we use .+ at the DOS prompt), a window appears with our applet in it, as shown in Figure 1.2[md]no Web browser needed.
handoff control (intersystem handoff only) mobile-originated calls mobile-terminated calls call release (for intersystem handoff only) call features and control
Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is the application programming interface (API) that allows all system components to be monitored and controlled, either locally or remotely. Using the WMI classes Win32_DiskQuota, Win32_QuotaSettings, and Win32_VolumeQuotaSetting, you can create scripts that help you to do the following:
Log file Select the log file to use. Application Records events reported by applications. Security Records changes to the security settings and reports on
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