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TYPE color IS ( red, yellow, blue, green, orange );
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Board-Socket-Chip Analogy
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Once you ve installed the software, you ll need to make sure everything is working properly. To do this, create an XML document and an XQuery, and then use SaxonB to retrieve information from the XML document. Here s the XML document that you ll use to learn XQuery. Write this document using an editor and save it in the saxon directory as catalog.xml:
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System.out.println(indent + elem.getTagName() + attribString);
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even before you meet. Letter 2-2 illustrates this principle. Best of all, turn this summary statement into one that suggests an advantage your next employer may gain by hiring you instead of someone else. Describe any special qualities that may set you apart from other candidates. Use language that creates a feeling of what kind of person you are. If you have a sense of humor, don t be afraid to show it in a professional way. You ll find examples in the sample letters throughout this book. 3. IN RESPONSE TO YOUR AD...NOT! Don t use standard openings. Many people think that only one type of letter is acceptable in the business world: one that follows a standard outline. In truth, the only type of letter acceptable in the business world is an effective one. An effective letter accomplishes your objective, which in the case of jobhunting letters, means to stand out from your competition. With this goal in mind, why send a letter likely to mirror the letters of those against whom you re competing Letter 2-1 opens with a standard line: In response to your ad in Sunday s paper, I enclose my resume for your consideration. What s wrong with this opening It s standard, or in general use. To stand out from the competition, your letter should be anything but standard. In Letter 2-2, Mr. Tucker grabs the reader s attention immediately with a different opening. Furthermore, he successfully weaves information from the advertisement into the opening to suggest that the letter was written in response to a specific ad and is not a form letter. Do not open your letter with a standard, predictable statement. Spend a few minutes analyzing what is important to the person to whom you re writing. Peruse the sample openings provided throughout this book. There s no need to be foolish, outlandish, or shocking. With thought and practice, you can create unique, informative letter openings that will grab attention and deliver a meaningful message. 4. KISS YOUR LETTERS (KEEP IT SIMPLY STATED) Do write a person, not a letter. There are also many people who believe that making a letter sound businesslike means using stuffy, stilted language full of cliches and jargon. Certainly, your letter should be professional. However, it must also be interesting, appealing, and reflect your personality. To create a letter appropriate to the business world, include relevant facts and succinct language. Ensure correct spelling and proper presentation. To make your letter appealing, use the same tone of voice you would use during the interview when you don t have time to consult a thesaurus and replace the words you d normally use with multisyllabic synonyms. Write with the attitude that you re writing to a person. That person may be your interviewer, your next boss, a human resources executive, or a recruiter but a person. Before you write, try to
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Fat models reduce duplication and help developers adhere to the Don t Repeat Yourself (DRY) maxim by encapsulating key business rules into reusable objects and object methods. Inheritance chains can then be used to apply these rules consistently across the application. Specifying models using OOP principles also makes it possible to extend base models with additional functionality as needed, and to make a distinction between public and private model attributes within the larger application space. Self-contained fat models that encapsulate all the business rules necessary for their proper functioning are more portable than thin models that rely on application controllers to enforce business rules. Since most of the application s business logic is in the model, rather than in the controller, switching to a different framework, for example, becomes much easier, as the model can simply be swapped in to the new system and will usually work without significant retrofitting required. When fat models handle most of the heavy lifting, controllers typically end up containing only a few lines of highly focused code. This makes them easier to understand and read, and contributes to better overall performance (because controllers are typically invoked more frequently than models). It also produces more maintainable code: For example, if you need to change the business rules for a particular application entity, you only need to update the model for that entity, not for all the controllers that use it. Debugging and testing become more transparent under the fat model, skinny controller approach, because it s usually very easy to identify whether the model or the controller is the source of an error, and to correct it with minimal impact on the rest of the application.
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Source: Reinhart, D. R., P. T. McCreanor, and T. Townsend: The Bioreactor Landfill: Its Status and Future, Waste Management and Research, 20, 2002, pp. 172 86.
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Protection is provided against brute force attacks. A 128-bit RAND means that there are 2128 or 3.4 1038 possible combinations. Even if a hacker knows the A3 algorithm, calculating all the possible SRES values for each given RAND is computationally complex. This makes the probability of determining a valid RAND/SRES pair very remote.
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Implicit chaining comes about when fields and properties are updated by a rule when those fields or properties are clearly read by other rules. For example, consider these rules:
IN THIS CHAPTER Summary: Learn what topics are on the test, how the ETS scores the test, and basic test-taking information.
6 Introduction to Wireless Data Networks
Configuring Windows 2000 to Use DHCP To configure Windows 2000 clients and servers to use DHCP for TCP/IP configuration, complete the following steps:
Remember, this is business. Never say anything personally disparaging to the seller. To do so will almost immediately end the negotiations. If the seller says something personal against you,
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