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5. Because we ve called a couple of methods that don t yet exist, we need to implement those methods. Add these methods to the Program class:
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360 U Glossary
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The first sector on a hard disk where the computer gets its startup information. The MBR contains the partition table for the computer and a small program called the master boot code.
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Your output shows this information:
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choice::= '(' S %(cps ('|' cps)+) S ')'
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None 64 bits (10 hex digits) 128 bits (26 hex digits) 152 bits (32 hex digits)
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Part I:
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while (enum.hasMoreElements()) {
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As Internet usage has grown, security problems have grown as well. Virus-infected active content embedded in Java applets and ActiveX controls as well as malicious download content are all a part of using today s Internet. To face this challenge, Internet Explorer includes a number of security features that you can configure by the type of environment in which they ll operate, such as the Internet or a corporate intranet. The different security settings and features give you a way to apply a security level that is appropriate for you as well as for other Internet users who access your computer.
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Interoperability Concerns
such as ZoneAlarm (www.zonealarm.com) provide this kind of protection, but you should always use a combination of firewall and antivirus software for complete protection.
Implementing TCP/IP Security
Operation Code Length
Group Policy Modeling
Table 1-1 Promotions and Discounts in the Polish GSM Market, October 1996 to March 19977
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