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Although as of August 2001 FedEx maintained a private proprietary data network, public 1 11 wireless networks are clearly our direction in the 10 10 01 10 future," Stephenson says. Up until then, the pub0 01 lic networks have offered not quite there" avail01 11 ability and reliability. But we want guaranteed response time, and the costs have to come down. Increasingly, though, public networks have already become competitive with private networks, so over time we'll be moving to a public network because it is more economical." (FedEx Ground, a subsidiary company, has already made the move to public networking.) 01 Stephenson points out that the FedEx network 01 actually carries a minimal amount of voice. In the future, 0 FedEx will likely avail itself of the hybrid voice/data capa10 bilities of 2.5 and 3G public wireless networks; so that dri10 1 vers today who carry their own private cell phones or still
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3. Specify a location and description in the Back Up Group Policy Object dialog box. Click Backup, and the Backup dialog box displays the progress of the backup. 4. Click OK when finished.
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IEEE 802
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Table 9-5
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S100 (98.304 Mbps) S200 (196.608 Mbps) S400 (393.216 Mbps)
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forms and paper sizes for the printer to use. You can also create new custom forms and specify their size. This setting is helpful in situations where users need to print on custom business forms.
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Users with access to the wired network may also install rouge access points, unknowingly opening up the network to attacks. Users may install a wireless access point seeking the convenience of wireless without knowing the security concerns. Currently, access points can be purchased at almost any electronic store for a minimal cost. These access points can serve as backdoors to the wired network because they are normally installed with the default configuration so they are wide open to attack. Attackers can easily connect to these access points and have the same access that a wired user would have. Most networks rely on firewalls for perimeter security and are not prepared for an attack from an attacker on the inside.
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These resources contain additional information and tools related to this chapter.
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Appendix I:
Further, in some parts of the country, such as west of the Mississippi, getting nancing to buy a co-op can be dif cult. Lenders are concerned about the nancial structure noted above, and they are simply not as familiar with the nancing as with condos.
17. The amount of withdrawn water lost in transport, evaporation, absorption, chemical change, or is otherwise unavailable as a result of human use is known as (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) withdrawal conservation consumption discharge runoff
To install SFU 3.0, your computer must meet the following minimum requirements:
Part 2 Wireless Technologies and Applications
Seagate Technology Inc
Figure 24-8
Nuclear Chemistry 267
Software Developers
Figure 20-1. Notepad is used to view HTTP accesses in this W3C Extended Log File Format log file. These log files can be found in the %SystemRoot%\System32\Logfiles directory. IIS HTTP logs can be found in the W3SVC1 subfolder in Windows XP Professional, and FTP logs can be found in the MSFTPSVC1 subfolder. By default, one log file will be created each day that each service is accessed. Examining these log files is a key troubleshooting step when trying to determine why IIS (or another application using this log file format) is behaving unexpectedly. Examining them regularly is also important for detecting attempted security violations as well as successful attacks. It s also valuable for performing forensic analysis after a break-in has taken place. Paging through tons of log file entries can be extremely tedious. Rather than reading them manually with Notepad, there are utilities available that can automatically generate reports from W3C log files, such as AWStats (available at their Web site, http://awstats.sourceforge.net).
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